December 5, 2015

Inspirations from Chennai!

This whole week I have been consistently reading about the Chennai disaster; and so many lives lost, watching the videos captured on the cell phone and observing how so many people are just jumping into the situation to respond to this crisis.

I was getting numerous messages on whatsapp to pass on information with regard to cells numbers, persons and addresses available for help for the people who were struggling in the rain. I even watched the videos in circulation how complete strangers and onlookers broke open the window to save a family from getting drowned in the water; and they succeeded amidst gushing waters breaking open the grills of the windows. Here is a message I received from one of my friends that says” In the wake of the calamity, Chennai is “one” It has only one religion, “Humanity” and it has only one enemy ”Water” and there is only one aim “Help” and they did it on grounds of being human.

I am inspired by all these good Samaritans who were helping people to reach safe places; there were groups of people going through the streets with neck deep water asking people whether they needed any help; distributing food and essentials, cell phone batteries for 5 minutes for anybody who wanted to talk; the neighbours who never interacted with anybody in the neighbourhood opened the gates of their huge houses. It was heartening to see the theatres, marriage function halls, Institutions, gurudwaras that opened the doors for anyone who needed shelter, and also serving food packets. 

I have been trying to contact my friends in Chennai; but there was no connectivity, and I managed to stay in touch with their son through whatsapp and could do my bit my interacting with him regularly and updating him as he was not able to connect with his family. He has gone on work and alone needed someone to stay in touch.

There was also another student who was desperately trying to contact her father in Chennai; and was unable to do so…. I stayed in touch on whatsapp providing her the current information that I was getting from the Chennai group which also went on silent mode due to power failure; thank God it’s resumed and things are settling slowly.

 Despite all the efforts some lives are lost; a lot of damage has happened and it will take a long time for the city to get back to normal.  Every disaster reminds us that we are nothing against nature and we can only help ourselves when we are together.

 So let us be kind to one another; treat people with kindness and respect; am also happy and learning to participate in the KindSpring 21-Day Gratitude Challenge in order to practice gratefulness together as a community, which has been a positive decision to join; despite all the issues with the power and computer I have managed to write a few posts. You can get more information at
Let us continue to be grateful for all those who have survived in Chennai, my prayers for deceased souls to rest in peace and may the Lord Grant courage for the families who have lost their loved ones, so that they are able to cope with the loss. 

Wishing you a great weekend !

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