December 7, 2015

December’s Gratitude List +Gratitude Link up

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Here goes my list:

Glad to connect with an old friend and the long chat was so refreshing and energizing as we shared our old stories, laughed at all the funny moments and cracked jokes and decided to meet some time for lunch.

Grateful for David who helped me sell some raffle tickets for the carnival that is scheduled for the 12 December 2015 at the Young Women Christian Association, Secunderabad; this carnival is to raise money for implementing programmes in empowering girls and women in the community.  I am glad to be associated in this organization and do my bit and connect with so many other underprivileged women.

I am thankful to have interacted with the HIV+ve women to motivate and encourage them to adhere to the medicines and also have positive outlook towards life.

I am grateful for a lot of volunteers who responded so well when our neighbouring state was flooded with heavy rains killing so many people. It’s a beautiful sight to see so many willing to distribute food, blankets, provide them batteries to connect with loved ones, giving their contact numbers for emergency, offering their vehicles to pick and drop and it’s still going on… even today I saw so many whatsapp messages reaching out to this state.. there is so much of kindness and generosity coming from everywhere around the state.

I am thankful to for the opportunity I got to take a short break and watch an interesting Hindi movie called Tamasha…. which was entertaining in the beginning with lovely scenes from Corsica with songs and dances and  the second part has some very serious message for the youngsters.  I and my daughter both enjoyed the movie and were happy to see it in new multiplex which is closer to my residence.
me and my daughter at the theatre
The new care taker has left due to some emergency; so we are back with no one to take care of my mother in law; and David is truly a blessing to step in and help her out both in the morning before he leaves for work and in the evening hours, after he returns from work., while I manage both our home, my daughter’s studies and attend to outside work. We are grateful for the capacity the Lord has given us to complement each other and manage our loads.

There is also some chaos in the campus which is more political than academic related; we are hoping and praying that peace may prevail. I am grateful for my Head who is in the process of evolving peace programmes in the campus to inculcate peace and harmony in oneself and also in the environment.

I am grateful for bloggers who are constant source of inspiration and motivation for me: glad to read Kathy’s blog and another post on 8 smart lessons from Santa and a few posts from Kind which also helped me to share some of my personal inspirations for the gratitude challenge; though I have not been able to keep to the day’s post; learning to manage at least whenever possible to post something positive.

I am grateful for all those who affirm me personally; when I meet them or they meet me; and still others who stay in touch on email, whatsapp and face book.  I feel a sense of gratitude to be surrounded by people who care and who influence me with their positivity. I appreciate and thank Susan Scott

I am also glad to read Eli’s post A candle for joy; a few of other bloggers who were very inspiring; I need to make a note of them …. I did comment on their posts with gratitude, thankful for so many who are always there to help me live my life with gratitude.

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Morning Genevive, what a lovely post thank you so much. Truly, I always feel so inspired reading your posts. It's a gift you have to see the candle and its flame lighting the darkness and reminding us and here I am using your words...'We are grateful for the capacity the Lord has given us to complement each other and manage our loads'.

    The photo of you and your daughter is lovely and make me think of the candle and its light.

    Thank you so much for mentioning me also :) I don't know if you can make changes to the address that you gave. Instead of the (which is not used by me) rather ... but don't worry if you can't.

    1. Hi Susan , its evening now:) and very good evening dear. Thanks for the compliments and am always glad t connect with you here. sure I can make the changes accordingly as you mentioned. appreciate you always for being the first to comment. Thanks again.

  2. So inspiring hearing about all the ways you and others are involved in serving. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Laurel for your encouraging words, appreciate you :)


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