November 16, 2015

My Thoughts on Kindness !

I was reading Corinne’s blog on The Power Of Kindness and also the links that was shared so generously about a few more bloggers who have made very inspiring posts on kindness. Every post was a beautiful, and brought so much insights in to my life... …. reading these posts reminded me of all the Kindness I have experienced at various times in my life too! 

You can read these links to, which are worth reading….Sunita reminds us that kindness begins with ourselves.  Alana shares about how another blogger reached out to her about her fear of falling.  Gretchen Kelly shared lessons in kindness from the worst day of her life

This brought to my memory of my childhood and how the sisters of charity, a congregation who were so kind to admit me and my other brothers and sisters in their school. I remember the fee concessions, wherein a very small fee was charged for admitting me in the English medium school and all the text books and note books provided free of cost to me till the primary section, and later on I was motivated and encouraged to complete my 10th standard from the same school.

There was one sister by name Sr Loreta who was very kind to me; and saw the potential in me;when everyone else around me felt doubtful of my capacity, this one sister identified my strength and was kind towards me to give me a gentle push to complete my graduation.

Then came my friends who found me and showed kindness by affirming me, stood by me and bonded with me so well that they have now become companions for life. I continued to experience kindness form various groups that I associated myself with the youth group in my parish, choir, the local prayer group, the charismatic city group and of course the NSS group in college have all been a great source of encouragement, learning and support that has helped me build confidence in myself.

I have grown in self esteem because of all these people who have touched my life; and have shaped me into a person of gratitude.  I feel a great sense of gratitude only because of the kindness I experience even till date. There were days in my life wherein  I worked as a  young graduate in a school for Rs 400 per month, and seeing my struggle a kind teacher helped me find home tuition wherein I taught 3 small children after school to earn another 200 rupees to add to my monthly salary.  In those days it was a very big amount for me and I was glad to be earning at an early age.

The parents of those children were very warm, friendly and kind. Every day I was offered hot tea with snacks along with their children. Every year for their festival, especially for deepawali I was invited as a special guest and was picked by from my home by their driver and taken to their residence and was honoured with sweets and a small gift. I still recall the surprise gift that was given – a beautiful wrist watch as a token of appreciation, which was my first wrist watch in my life.

There were also situations wherein I had a colleague of mine taking me for a physiotherapy every day for a whole month to the centre till my right leg that had a hairline fracture was healed completely. I can go on and on with so many others similar experiences which I have not forgotten but recall and remember them with gratitude.

While we celebrate this world kindness day: it’s now my turn to give back what I have received in abundance, so here I go to all that I attempted to do in the last few days:

I went out for a long walk all by myself to show kindness to my own body, and practice affirmations as I walked alone with a smile.

I also made a conscious decision to shop so that I am able to make a healthy and nutritious meal for myself and my family.

I acknowledged and gave a little extra tip to the guy at the petrol bunk who washed my bike.

I helped a young cab driver with a bottle of water, when I found that his bottle was empty, and his lips dry.

I decided to volunteer for a session to the youngsters during a holiday; and I did feel good about this experience.

I gave a surprise visit to a sick person and spent some time enquiring and listening to all the health problems the person was experiencing.

I messaged notes of kindness to few of my friends and told them personally how blessed I am because of them in my life.

I am glad to send something to the needy kids through my daughter for a share and care programme. I hope to continue to be kind in thought, word and deed.

Let us pledge to be kind not just for the world kindness day! But always as we journey along with gratitude…  “Be Kind whenever possible, it is always possible” says Dalai Lama

Keep smiling & Be Happy!


  1. Small acts of kindness means a lot. It does not take much time or does not cost anything but it can make a big difference in somebody else's life. It's fantastic that you have been making a difference in lives of those around you, Genevive! Bless you ♥

    1. So True shilpa, one can never underestimate the power of kindness, and am glad to do my bit and also blessed because of kindness I have experienced from so many persons who have touched my life.. so in a way feel responsible to give and pay forward what I have received freely.. nice to hear from you:)

  2. Beautiful post Genevive - like you - thank you! Always, small acts of kindness to one's self and to others, as The Dalai Lama says, makes the world a better place and raises the vibration. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Susan, before being kind to others, I think we need to begin with self and am trying my best to do what I can for myself and others. Dalai Lama quotes have always inspired me and I do keep reminding myself of his quotes on compassion, kindness and peace... glad to reconnect here with you Susan!!


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