August 18, 2015

Gratitude List for the week

The high light of the week has been as follows: A lot has happened and I was finding difficult to spend time writing... and  posting. Despite whatever happening I don’t want to give up this exercise of posting once a week. I just pick up a few which are unforgettable. Glad for this exercise… which is motivating and pushing me to post… and also feel happy and positive. 

Grateful and happy for my daughter who won the first prize in group singing, in the school competition. I was happy to see her in new attire for the singing competition; she was expected to dress as an south Indian.

Dorothy ready for the school-group singing competition
Glad to have David back home after a long 10 day break, very refreshed and enthusiastic to get into the routine work and lending a helping hand.

Enjoyed buying and taking roasted corn for myself and my daughter; also packed one for my mother in law. It’s a great feeling to have some warm roasted corn, with chilli, salt and lemon on it. The weather was cloudy and with slight showers …

Roasted Corn at the road side

me and mydaughter
Took a jolly ride with my friends around the city on Independence Day, and had some fun playing games and eating corn and nuts in a park. There are small joys and very memorable ones.

I am thankful to the person who helped us in getting another set of house keys for my daughter. Which makes our life easier? It’s a relief to have a spare one for my daughter to manage herself, if we are delayed in picking her up from the bus stop.
Maria Dorothy- my daughter
I can't believe this is me....
I was sorting out my desk and I found two lovely art work of mine and my daughter, few years ago when I took my daughter to the park, there were some students who were earning through  doing some art work. So I and my daughter stood to get ours done…. Loved this art which brought so many pleasant moments of my life...

  “Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favourite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.” Joseph B Wirthlin

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. Congratulations to Dorothy for winning the competition and she is looking so pretty in that dress. Aah, your post reminded me that it's been ages since I had bhutta! The artists are really talented and creative. Liked your artworks :)

    1. Thanks shilpa, shall communicate to dorothy.. wanted to post her certificate.. I clicked on my phone, was unable to trace it... learning to handle this new smart phone... this bhutta I picked up from madurai and the artists are fine arts students who are found in the evening in the parks. .. nice to connect with you and enjoying your posts !!

  2. If this is a duplicate comment from me Genevive I apologise ... I made a comment from Ipad and I don't think it went through. It sounds like a great week was had by all. Dorothy looks like a nightingale and probably sings as sweetly. Congratulations to her!
    Those corn treats look so yummy!

    1. Hi Susan, don't worry there was no duplicate comment.. thanks for being here; and its always been my pleasure to connect with you, in fact I am missing your posts .. yes it was great weekend with too many things happening. Dorothy is very happy with the certificate .... and the corns are definitely a treat for this season here...


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