July 2, 2015

Quote Challenge - Day 2 of 3

This post is written for the 3-Day Quote challenge

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“Change” None of us can escape from change; everything keeps changing around us and also in us and there is nothing so permanent in the universe.  I feared change as for me change meant to move from my comfort zones and adapt myself to new environment, new situations and allow myself to learn things that I have never done before.  Like it or not, whether I make a decision or not I have face change both in myself and also in the world around me.

I remember as a child, I was afraid of growing up; as I was not sure what it entailed. While I admired grownups around me and was fascinated by the way they looked, walked, talked and behave… I feared how I was going to be; and how am I going to receive the change of turning into an adolescent with biological, physiological and psychological changes happening all at the same time….since I had less information about growing up. I struggled as a youngster understanding myself and accepting the growing up process as a part of life.

Then came the career and making choices which subjects to take, where it will lead me; what will I be doing in the future etc, with advices from family, friends, well wishers and finally listening to the  heart, I managed to get into what I loved always; i.e. service… that’s how I began working in the service sector.

Then comes settling down in marriage and again a fear of changing my state of life; whether I will get the right person; whether my marriage will work out; whether I will be able to survive etc….  like it or not the time came and I got married and then started adapting myself gradually to greater changes; being an arranged marriage in a joint family system was not easy to deal with… with the help and support of family and friends I could accept change with great difficulty making a lot of mistakes especially in neglecting myself and striving for a balance…
Once I realized that this is a universal phenomena that everyone goes through these process; I became relaxed and was able to deal with the coming years with greater confidence.  By then I am already a mother of two and still desired to continue in the service sector at my own terms and conditions. I gave my best self for learning and finding my own path challenging me to change in so many ways to get to the kind of work I was dreaming for.

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Change did not stop; it took me to high mountains and low valleys of my life providing opportunities to learn, gradually bringing clarity to my purpose of living and existence. 

Do I still have fears of change?
Yes I do have!
Do I have a choice to equip myself to the changes of my life?
Yes I do have choice to age gracefully with gratitude!

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  1. Oh yes, change is the only constant! Though we know that everything changes, but changes that jump out of nowhere and totally shake us are the ones we dread.

    1. Thank you shilpa, what you say is true; sudden changes like terminal illness, road accidents, a life threatening diagnosis, suicide, death do turn our world upside down and all of us dread such changes... may God give all of us strength to deal with all types of crisis & calamities...

  2. Great quote and post Genevive thank you. Somehow this slipped by me - getting to it only now. Thank you for nominating me - will attend to this in next day or so. Have a lovely week!

    1. Thanks Susan thats so sweet and kind of you for accepting this challenge; I am eager to read your post...all the very best to you ! enjoy the week.


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