July 1, 2015

Quote Challenge - Day 1 of 3

This post is written for the 3-Day Quote challenge

This has been one of my favourite quote since my school days, I remember writing this quote in my note books; at times even in the rough book as I began to write my homework. This quote always inspired me to hope for the better in whatever happened in my life.

I was not very great in my academics, neither did I score high percentage of marks; I just managed to score a little above the pass marks, whenever I felt a bit low, I recalled and remembered this quote to push myself further.  This quote continued to inspire me even in college and later on too… Now when I relook at this quote, I am still experiencing the impact on my life; bringing so many memories of failures and falling.

Failures to me was that I did not have the capacity to reach a certain standard whether it is to do with passing an exam or running a race or even competing with my classmates.  Today I have redefined what failure is to me; it no longer setting high standards to accomplish, neither it comparing myself with another, nor it is competing with my friends.

Failure means learning…. Wherein I have learned something from a particular experience; I have taken initiative in trying and have the courage to accept and take responsibility for thinking, making decisions and overall for whatever I have achieved or not achieved.

Now I refuse to compare myself with others; I look within to see what I have to offer, I work on my strengths. I have learnt to believe in myself and through the learnings I have gained confidence … I have been able to do all this because I have learnt to rise every time I have fallen and am convinced that failure is never final.

There is always hope; hope to get up and rise once more, hope that there is new tomorrow; hope that all will be well; hope that I will succeed as I keep trying; and hope that I will be better prepared for whatever I want to achieve. Hope I will get more opportunities; more resources and abundance of everything to evolve and succeed to who I was always meant to BE.

Today I am in a position to help a lot of students who come to our centre; because of all the times I have fallen, and these experiences have equipped me to deal with every failure every situation without giving up easily. 

Our failures as we call or falling never is wasted; we grow so much because of these experiences and it is these experiences that shapes us and makes us strong in our lives. It provides us with new perspectives, which otherwise we would never know; and make us a bit more humane, genuine, sensitive, kind and compassionate to everyone we meet.

I am glad to take part in this 3 Day Quote challenge; and I am glad to nominate and request the following friends to take this up :

This is what the 3-Day Quote Challenge is all about.
  1.  Post one of your favourite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favourite book, author or your own.
  2. Nominate 3 bloggers to challenge them
  3. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.
I thank Shilpa @ http://shilpaagarg.com for nominating me for this challenge…



  1. Oh yes, Failure is a must to grow in life. Like somebody said, failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. A great inspiring quote and thanks for taking up this challenge, Genevive :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa for this exercise, and rightly said failure is a teacher; a delay and not a defeat...you have put it perfectly.... thanks for being a great motivator.

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful and inspirational post - and thank you for the nomination! :)

    1. Appreciate you Laurel; glad to connect with you .. and I hope to stay in touch..

  3. Lovely post Genevive and Shilpa's comment is wise too! You say you 're-defined' failure; wonderfully explained. Imagine never stumbling a bit, hopping onto a bicycle without a wobble - it's never going to happen. Life happens ... I love your last paragraph especially - "our failures ...to everyone we meet'.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Susan ! always great to connect with you; you brought a beautiful memory back to me - of learning the bicycle ...so many falls.. a few marks on my leg ... finally all our learnings are happening leading us to respond to a greater purpose in our lives.. this thought should comfort us..

    2. Hi Susan I nominated you today for the quote challenge... please take this forward..for more information kindly check this link.http://www.geneviveangela.com/2015/07/quote-challenge-day-2-of-3.html

  4. Hi G Angela! I don't think you got my FB message from last week asking if you could please link my site http://smartliving365.com on your "invite post" instead of putting my email address? I get so much spam I REALLY don't want that listed. Thank you! And thank you for the challenge...it was fun.

  5. Hi Kathy ! I apologise for putting your email address... I just saw this message and immediately linked your site to my invite post. Thank you once again for being generous with your time and I am glad that it was fun for you; your post was inspiring.


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