July 23, 2015

5 Photos 5 days Challenge – Day 1

I am glad to write this post as Susan Scott of http://www.gardenofedenblog.com  has nominated me to take part in the 5 day 5 photo challenge.  I have met Susan during my April A-Z challenge, and was happy to read all her post which was focused on Dreams.  

She is a great writer and am truly fascinated by the depth of her writings. I have learnt and grown so much reading her posts which has always been enlightening, and I get to learn something new.  Thanks Susan for all the learnings I have had through your meaningful posts.

So here goes my first day challenge:
Ready for Disco Dancing

waiting for their turn
This is the photograph of my daughter Maria Dorothy in her younger days.  I still remember the days when she loved dancing, in fact she still loves. This photo was taken when she was waiting for her groups turn for dancing. A disco dance done by along with her classmates for one of the school functions. I remember one day she came excited stating that she was selected for a dance by the teacher and every day for whole month, she went for the practice, and just a week before the organizers felt the girls were more in number, so some children were asked to drop out. Maria was one of them.

I remember she came home in tears and refused to go to school next day.  I tried telling her that she will have many more chances, and she will get better opportunities to perform, she was angry with me and I forced her to go to school, thinking that she must learn to adapt and adjust as we will not get everything we want in life.

Somehow deep within myself I felt she was right – as she was crying and stating; that they (teachers) should not have made her practice every day; as she had to give up her class and catch up with her subjects on what she missed for a whole month.

I get very disturbed when my daughter cries – so I could not concentrate on work that day; I decided to go to school and talk to the person in charge.  When I went and spoke to the concerned person, she was very open, and listened to everything I said about my daughter, and her disappointment about being removed from the dance group. At the end of the conversation she assured me that she will take care of my daughter and everything will be fine. So I came back assured all is well!!!

Maria came back from school that evening with an angry face and told me that I must not come to her school from henceforth.  I could not understand…. I tried to check with her what happened…...she refuse to speak.  After a little while she told me that she was taken back again in the dance group.  Then I told her that she must be happy with the decision taken, and not angry.

Then she replied that the person, who spoke to me went to her class room, and made some sarcastic remarks about children, who were dropped out of the dance team and Maria did not like the statements made, she felt humiliated. She got angry on me because she understood that I had gone and spoken about her to the concerned person; and the strong reaction of the person in her class room was due to my visit.

I understood the dynamics both of the school and in the class room. From then on Maria never allowed me to interfere in her affairs… she learnt to sort her own issues out…. Somehow she understood the reactions and the consequences that affected her class room.  But I still keep enquiring about the school and the class till date.  She has now become independent and does all her school work by herself and when she requires help; she takes my help.

Good Teachers influence children positively. They are sensitive and aware that Children may forget what is said; but they will not forget how they felt.  Children are the flowers of life, let’s be kind to them, lets help them and make them happy.

I am glad that Maria learnt to accept challenges and move on; to take part in the dancing competition, as she went to the next standard.  Now she is in class IX and more focused on academics as there is only one more year to complete her schooling. 

I was glad to find that she never gives up easily and persists till she gets what she wants… …. Which is something I am happy about?

Have you come across such experiences?

I would be glad to hear?

I take this as my privilege to participate in this 5 photos, 5 days challenge. 
The rules are simple:

  1. Post photo each day for 5 consecutive days
  2. Attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, a paragraph – all entirely up to you
  3. Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation! This is fun, not a command performance!
I nominate Shilpa from A Rose is a Rose is a Rose www.shilpaagarg.com  and invite her to take this forward.

Be Blessed &Be Happy!


  1. What a moving post Genevive thank you for sharing it with us. Maria's disappointment was obviously great. The teacher could have dealt with it in a way other than she did which further exacerbated the situation. What a lesson, hard won with an excellent result in Maria becoming her own person! I'm trying to think of a personal example. For the moment I can think only of my two sons who we kept on a short string when they were at university in terms of pocket money. From this they learned the value of money.

    Thank you for the kind words you said about me at the beginning of your post! I feel the same about you - that I have so enjoyed your posts and feel 'larger' for having met you! I look forward to Shilpa's post!

    1. Thanks Susan for giving me this opportunity, when I was looking at my daughters pictures, so many things came to my mind, and this was something that I can never forget.. I am still learning to handle as maria is still in class IX one more year to go to complete her X standard. she is now very articulate and has a lot of whys? for everything... some times I lose patience, sometimes I am able to respond.. thanks for your comments, it means a lot to me and am lucky to be connected to persons like you for all the learning that takes place and the growing that happens from within. shilpa has agreed to take up this challenge.... and I too look forward to her post.

  2. Aah! The games people play! Am glad that Maria learnt from the experience.
    Thanks a lot for tagging for this challenge, Genevive. Appreciate it. Will take it up but may not be able to post it on 5 consecutive days though. Will do it in the coming weeks. Hope that's ok :)

  3. Hi Shilpa, glad to have you here; and also thanks for taking up the challenge... don't worry about 5 consecutive days, do what yo think is the best, you are always inspiring and I appreciate you for taking this forward... hope to stay connected !!


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