May 18, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 17

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 
the 21 Day Challenge

Depression as most experts believe is a combination of family history and stressful life events may be the cause for depression. Life events can include a sudden death or suicide in the family, a severe financial loss, accident, disaster, crisis in the relationships like divorce, being cheated by a partner, failing in the examination, unable to live up to the expectations of others or even a diagnosis of a terminal illness.

One may also get depressed even if there is no reason to think of. Some times certain drugs too can cause depression. Depression is a complex illness with many contributing factors. Depending on the type of depression treatment and counselling is available. 

One of the ways to prevent depression is to learn to manage stress in our lives. Stress can be managed by taking up a physical activity, yoga, meditation, practising gratitude, affirming self, focusing on the positive, practising positive thinking, having faith in God, taking a break/ a retreat, listening to music, and taking up activities that produces happiness and joy, laughing out loudly, reading inspiring books, journalling and also listening to motivational speakers, gurus.

Hence it is not easy to feel grateful when a person is depressed as the quote above says, “It is impossible to feel grateful and depressed in the same moment.” Naomi Williams.


  1. My brother will be coming up to Johannesburg from the coast later on this week and spending a few days with us here. He suffers terribly from depression and I'm hoping that a break will do him some good. But Genevive I wanted to say that I'll be saving your post and sending it on to him via email. I plan to give him my old computer when he's here (his one doesn't work) so that he has one he can use - AND to send him your post. Thank you! :)

  2. Aah! The pain of the mind is more difficult to bear than the physical pain. It is important that depression is recognized/diagnosed earlier so that healing can take place medically as well as through love and care of family and friends.

    1. Hi Susan, I am replying you for the second time, as there is a problem on the internet. Thanks for sharing your concern about your brother, its not easy to deal with depression, nevertheless we can still do something about it, it is treatable and can be managed; my prayers for your brother and I feel so comforting to hear about your decision to send my post and also give your computer.. hugs to you...

    2. Rightly said shilpa, the pain of the mind is not only difficult to bear; it is also no easily seen. Recognizing and taking appropriate steps in meeting the doctor and taking help from a counselor will help the person to live a normal and active life...


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