May 17, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 16

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 
 21 Day Challenge

When I am not in a state of gratitude; then I am in a state of ingratitude that takes away my joy and happiness. Ingratitude also stops me from appreciating each new day as it unfolds and cuts me off from the supply of awesomeness as the above mentioned quote says.

Some times I feel its human nature to be in a state of ingratitude; as gratitude is something that is cultivated over a period of time; and we need to train ourselves to learn to be grateful always.  

Ingratitude decreases our energy, takes away the power from within; leading us to blame everyone and everything around us for our misery. Miserable people can never be happy and their only goal is to multiply the misery by spreading their miserable stories around. 

Thus by not taking responsibility for one self, we can cut ourselves off from the supply of awesomeness, losing out on the joy of being grateful.

“In gratitude is the daughter of pride” Spanish Proverb

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