April 23, 2015

T – for Tribal Museum, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

There is a tribal museum at Pune in Maharashtra; India. The Pune darshan tourist bus takes us around for sight seeing. This museum is just close to the railway station.  This museum exhibits the cultures of the tribal communities.  There is no entry fee here, it is free and this museum is closed on Sundays.

I am glad to visit this tribal museum; its very interesting – I remember, once in my previous organization, the head of my department wanted me to help a person who has come from another state for the purpose of research. I was doing research work in understand the tribal’s of Andhra Pradesh.
So I was suppose to accompany him to meet a few tribal’s in the outskirts of Hyderabad, so one whole day I was with this researcher who was busy taking information and noting down in his diary. I was supposed to help him in speaking to these people in Telugu.

This particular group of tribes sells beautiful sculptures of God & Goddesses.  They keep moving from place to place, there is no permanent resident for them, and they just live for the day… they come with their families and cook on the road side, their children are playing and they work on sculptures for many months, sometime 6 months and at other times even one year.

There are variety of tribes in India, they have their own occupation for survival, some live by hunting, fishing, growing vegetables, painting etc… now with the technological advancement, the tribes are getting displaced, their lands are taken for building, trees are cut, ocean is polluted.. 

They live a primitive life in the hilly regions..  their dress, dialect, customs and practices exhibit that they have a rich cultural heritage that is distinct from the others. These tribes lack in education, which makes their survival difficult, so they are forced to continue with their tradition of moving from place to place in search of work, which blocks them to fit in a settled society. 

It is a common sight to see them moving with their families in caravans from place to place and stay in temporary structures.

The government offers a lot of schemes for the tribes; they have tribal hostels, free education, special quotas (privileges) for higher education, research fellowships & employment.   Since they are not educated, they don’t have all these information with them to utilize the services.

Today I am inspired by the tribes; who live for the day (and not like us who keep worrying about future and feel insecure; 

The tribes remind me that the earth is not a permanent place..

Hence I need to keep moving, travelling, enjoying the journey in life and not look for permanent settlement, but begin each day as a brand new one; and live to the fullest !!


  1. The museum looks very interesting. I would think that the Tribal people would be feeling a bit stressed these days as they are suffering displacement and disruption of their whole way of life.

    1. Thanks Kristin, you are right the tribals have a lot of issues, especially finding work as they keep moving from one place to another.


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