February 6, 2015


My inspiration today comes from all those souls who have survived cancer, which once upon a time was considered a dreadful disease, and people were afraid even to mention and bring this topic to speak about and discuss.  It is still considered terminal illness, and unfortunately cancer gets identified only in the last stages.

I feel privileged to encounter persons who have fought and bounced back fully alive; and have become a source of motivation and inspiration for many, it’s a complete turnover of what life was before they were contracted with cancer and what it is now.

One such lady whom I have met 6 months ago was referred for counseling, as she had some issues with her daughter who was in college; interacting with her and exploring reasons; she told me all her problem about how difficult it was to deal with her daughter, who does not listen to her, and who is all the time busy on phone, she seemed upset that being the only daughter, she seem to be isolating from her for tiny issues , and how she is feeling helpless and lonely; in the few more consecutive sessions her focus was only her daughter and she seemed desperate to change her daughter.

Listening for a few sessions and providing space for her to articulate and vent; I felt it was time for her to   shift her focus from her daughter to herself, so I started enquiring about her own well being – she started sharing all her struggles, married young, had lot of issues in her marital life, difficulties in traditional joint family system, forced to take divorce, live with stigma and discrimination as a divorcee, She had to chose to bring up her only daughter single handedly, took up a job to fend for herself and after few years, she was detected with cancer in the last stage; it was shocking for me to hear that she had survived cancer of the lungs from 4th stage; at the same time, I admired  her strength,  courage and persistence to fight back and take control of her life. 
She did not want to give up easily as her only ray of hope was her young daughter, for whom she was ready to fight the battle and come out victorious, and she did not stop there; she explored alternatives to prevent it from reoccurring, by changing to Ayurveda medicines and continues to live a healthy life…… Suddenly I felt compassion for this lady and began to understand her desperation to bring in changes in her daughter’s life… so I encouraged her to love herself, to do all those things that can make her happy, let go of the past, practice gratitude every day, spread peace and I found improvement at every session and things started improving, she stopped coming but kept in touch on phone; updating me regularly as to how she is coping with whatever problems she is facing. 

There was another women who survived uterus cancer in the fourth stage, where in the doctors gave her only a month to live; and she with determination fought and went on to live for another 10 years of her life… what I found common in both these women were that they did not give up but trusted themselves, trusted God and made positive choices to keep themselves happy. There are many more persons around us; who have fought cancer and have survived

Doctors say that most of the time 80% of the healing is in the patients themselves; with right attitude, positive thinking and practising forgiveness, gratitude and taking good care of themselves, they are able to come out of the disease…… awareness is the key, let us spread awareness that cancer Is treatable, and a person can come back to leading healthy life style..

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Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Cancer survivors are heroes. And you are doing such a fabulous and noble thing, helping, counseling, guiding and showing their life's purpose to so many! Appreciate your work! ♥

    1. Rightly said shilpa, I marvel at these persons when I encounter them and they inspire me to be thankful, thank you for your kind words, I feel encouraged and happy to hear from you !

  2. my best wishes to all of them who are fighting this dreaded disease.. and may god give them the strength to fight it tooo..

    you are doing such a great thing and GOD Bless you ..


    1. welcome to my space, thanks and appreciation for your encouraging words, thanks again !


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