January 29, 2015

Gratitude for January, 2015 !

The first month of year January 2015 –unfolded itself with happiness and gratitude, of wanting to live one day at a time; to be present and thankful for all that has gone by, to begin a new with a beautiful affirmation which I have put right in front of me, that says:

Today is a providential gift;
“Today” is God’s willingness
To invest some more life on you,
“Today” is His way of telling you, “YOU can start again”
So, let it not pass off as just, another day in the calendar,
Make your “Today” count.

As soon as I get up from my bed; I look at this quote, which has become my mantra, read, and re- read it again, smile and then begin my day encouraging & motivating myself..

This has become important to me, as I am completely aware that those who were part of my life in the last year; are no longer today in my life. Some have gone to rest eternally, never to come back again, leaving some very memorable moments to be thankful for;

There are some others who just pretended to be my well wishers; but could not keep the mask for a long time, life situations created opportunity to help me recognize them as toxic, who I have let them go as they were not meant to be part of my life’s journey….

January brought in some very important and meaningful experiences to me; meeting a few of my friends after many years brought joy, after almost a decade,  I  spent the whole day with them, which made me come alive;

I appreciate the doctor, who reminded me for a health check up, and in the process identified my thyroid levels had gone high, feel grateful that immediately he attended and increased the dosage, now I feel so much better… and optimistic that all the other tests were normal.

My daughter attained puberty and I am glad that there is another lady in the house;with gratitude we had a small family  gathering.

Life has been a great teacher; so like a good student I am learning all the lessons. Some experiences bring in joy and happiness; While others bring pain, sorrow and also tears;  I value all these learning help me to grow and move on; influencing me positively, enabling me to make choices for myself... to  exercise, eat healthy, stay grateful & positive, to be kind, keep toxic out of my life and progress academically and stay connected with those who motivate and inspire… glad to be part of gratitude circle and I must confess that I derive a lot of energy by reading inspiring posts !!

 Affirmations I practice to sustain my gratitude:
I am thankful for the breath of life everyday….
I appreciate my body for carrying me everywhere...
I am thankful for family and Friends who are supportive
I am thankful for the meaningful work I do
I am at peace with myself! I am completely at peace with the universe
I surrender myself in gratitude everyday to the Divine
I am grateful for all those who serve me both at home and my office
I sing with gratitude every day as I ride to my office... I keep a track of everything that happens, and continuously practice thankfulness by sending thank you notes, thank you messages, cards and at times also remind those around how special they are to me... while I rest to sleep, I relive grateful moments and send vibes of love, forgiveness and happiness to everyone and relax myself with gratitude

Thank you for reading this post!! I smile with gratitude …


  1. This is so sweet and so true. Being sicker than a dog right now I value the times when I am healthy. It feels so freeing to be so grateful. You must be a ray of sunshine which is always needed

  2. Nice to hear from you, and I do appreciate you for your comments, it encourages me to keep posting ... thanks

  3. Thank you for this uplifting post, dear soul. Yes, everything teaches. Joy and sorrow alike. But in all things, give thanks. Stay creative and joyful!

    1. Its my pleasure dear, glad to connect with you here .. also in the process of learning to be creative and joyful.. appreciate you for your comments.. it does make a difference to me. thank you !

  4. Gratitude so enriches our lives, doesn't it? Thank you for sharing all the good news in your life for this month. The not-so-pleasant experiences are all turned into lessons with gratitude!

    1. Thanks Corinne ! when it comes to reading posts, your have always been my inspiration, and I feel very special to see your comment, thanks for always being kind and generous, appreciate you and hugs to you


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