October 1, 2014


I am thanking Corinne for motivating me .... after reading her invitation, I just started writing, this post was written  for the October challenge, hosted by everyday gyaan.

I did a very interesting exercise, at a seminar, recently in my city. The topic was self-awareness, and the resource person wanted the participants to share with the person next to us, our name, the meaning of the name and significance of our names.
My partner, a lady who was next to me shared her name, the meaning of her name, and the significance, when it came to my turn, I too did it with ease and comfort.  The end of the day, I could not forget the experience of what I shared, for there was so much of gratitude in my heart for my parents, who are no more – and I marveled at the way they chose our names in the family.
Being very simple and down to earth, fearing God, they were guided by the religious priests and nuns. I remember my mom telling me that I was named by a religious nun as Genevive Angela, the reason being that according to the calendar, the feast of St Genevieve was on January 3rd and I was born on 29 December. Angela was added to Genevive, and that’s how I was named as Genevive Angela.
I don’t know from where my mother picked up another pet name for me, and she started calling me Janet, and I loved being called by this name. 
As I grew I got curious and found out the meaning of my name, from my school library, there was a book on St Genevieve,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genevieve... I started reading the story of this saint and was very inspired and motivated.
But I disliked the way my name used to be pronounced and thus a lot more names got added to me… some girls in the school used to call me Ginny, and I would be so irritated, and then others used to call me the capital of Switzerland Geneva, and I used to get upset with it, now I laugh and feel tickled and also very funny sharing this… all my family members and friends called me Janet, and I am quite comfortable with it.
I did not want Janet to become an official name, so now I introduce myself happily as Genevive Angela, and I am called as G Angela at my place of work.  Those who know me too well still call me Genevive, and I have no issues with the name now.
The exercise triggered in me gratitude towards my parents, and also the religious sister who helped my mom choose this name.  Remembering my parents with love and gratitude!! For not only giving me a name, meeting my basic necessities of life, enrolling me in a school, and enabling me to celebrate my life with gratitude!


  1. Any idea why your name is spelt 'Genevive' and not 'Genevieve'? I noticed this the first time I visited your blog during April A-Z, but I didn't ask this as it wasn't relevant to any of your posts. Since today's post is about your name, I thought I'll ask you.

  2. Hi ! thanks for the question, the spelling was given in my admission form in the school, while joining, my parents being very simple, must have asked someone to fill up the form. I did not realize until I read the book of St Genevieve.... then I did not bother to make any corrections, as it did not matter to me. I am happy being called by that name... and feel thankful towards my parents .. thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate you !!


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