September 30, 2014

Reliving my Past!

Photo by  Maria Dorothy David

I am attending a National Seminar on Counseling, from 27 September, 1st October, 2014 at St Francis Degree College, Hyderabad. The very first day I stepped into the college, I felt so happy to come to a place where I spent 3 years doing my degree.
I was filled with so much gratitude, as my visit brought in lovely memories of my college days, the classrooms, the library that is now become a seminar hall, the canteen place has now become American corner. The rocks have been broken and huge buildings have been expanded, and additional courses have been added.
The front door and the pillars remain the same.  I stood still for some time at the reception, to look at the mini portico in the centre of the building, where I attended the convocation, and got my degree. Now a small grotto is added in one corner.
I remembered al l my teachers, my gurus who taught me history, political science, public administration, the language teachers, both English and Hindi, an overwhelming happiness for my past, filled me with joy and my heart started thanking all these lovely people who gave me knowledge, and skill and equipped me with the required courage to move on, and never give up easily in life.
I looked for the place, where me and my friends played throw ball in the evening hours, I did not find the ground, the siren of the train reminded me, about our lunch time where we used to sit and eat together, whatever we brought from our homes, sharing and exchanging tiffin boxes, creating silly jokes and watch the trains pass by every day.

Photo by Maria Dorothy David

So much has changed; and I am happy that once upon a time, I was here and I utilized every opportunity given to me to study, play, read, participate in all the activities – my favourite was always the NSS (National Service Scheme that took us everywhere in the city and also beyond the city.  I loved the trips to Warangal, where helped in laying roads, planted trees at Osmania University, taught kids at kundenbagh slums involving ourselves in the literacy programme every Saturday after college hours.
The retreats were the best, because we stayed there 3 full days in the college, used to have a lot of fun, sleeping in the huge hall, telling all kinds of stories in the night, and waking up early for prayer, attending all the sessions, listening to the preacher, involve in the exercises of understanding scripture (Bible) learning to interpret and integrate the learning in our lives.  Learning new songs together with our peers, doing the action songs brought so much thrill and helped us form good friends for life.
I am reliving my past with gratitude, and it’s a joyful experience to move on with gratitude!!!
Be Blessed & Be Happy !

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