April 27, 2014


I was finding difficult to get a quote with X and saw written on a poster for happiness.  It did inspire me specially when dealing with students it is very important to “X-Ray and carefully examine the problems”

Oxford dictionary defines x-rays as an electromagnetic wave of high energy and very short wave length, which is able to pass through many materials opaque to light: x-rays is used to find what the problem inside the body is. .. Helping us to identify a fracture, infections or any other problem inside the body.

The other dictionary defines it as verb “to examine and make image of things, usually prescribed by doctors for patients as part of the treatment.

A similar process happens in counseling session, when a student comes with a lot of problems and confused and is unable to identify what or where is the problem.

While the counselor sits with him patiently listening, without making any judgments with unconditional love and respect.  Together with the student the counselor x-ray and carefully examines the problem, which appears to be out somewhere for the student.

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It takes a long time, a series of session to for them to see their contribution to the problem.  Once they are able to find where the problem is – it becomes easy to look at it, take responsibility for having created the problem, and work towards solution.
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  1. Well said, it does take a deep examination of the problem when working with students, or anyone else for that matter in such one-on-one sessions. You did very well with the word X-ray :)

    1. Thanks ! Beloo I do appreciate your comment, have not visited your blog... will try and catch up ..

  2. Interesting. Love the Einstein quote.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

    1. Glad you like the quote, thanks for being here !

  3. U know sometimes all we need is somebody wjho listens to us without passing judgements


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