April 25, 2014


We see, read and hear so much on violence, and many a times it appears that everything is solved through violence.  The hero beats up the villain, and some times even murders him/her and the audience is so happy that the hero has put an end to evil.

At home parents think that they discipline their children by using violence in various forms, verbally, other times physically and still at times emotionally and psychologically. They are happy because the child appears to have changed the behaviour because of violence.

In the school the teachers think that they can bring in class room discipline and school discipline through violence and the class remains quite because of fear not because of respect. Then we see so much of violence against women in all strata to society.  I come across even highly qualified women holding executive post but a victim of violence.

Even though it appears that violence has cleared away obstructions quickly, the impact is great for children at home and in the class room suffers psychologically and carry emotional wounds throughout their lives, and some times they give back what they have received.  Children abused go through a lot of psychological issues as they grow, and some times the wounds last for a life time.

Let us put an end to all forms of violence! Do not be silent about this….

There is always a way out! And plenty of resources all around us; say no to violence and if you find in the neighbourhood report to the nearest police station, and connect with the organizations that are working against violence.
We can contact: the following for help:
Childline : 1098 which is almost all the cities a toll free number for children in distress
Women’s help line 1091 24 hrs toll free (Hyderabad)
Women protection cell: @ 040 -23320539
Women police station: 040-27853508
YWCA, Sec-bad -040-27801909
Human Rights Law Network: 040-27661883
Bhumika helpline for women: 1800 425 2908
Makro foundation: 040-46004600



  1. First the change has to be brought inside of us then we can start campaigning around...a genuine message

    1. Very true ! most of the time, the victims who keep quiet about the violence are the ones who get more beatings ..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks sunila .. I have been part of a pilot programme for 6 months that focussed on violence against women, and I have met so many women who suffer silently to keep the marriage going, sometimes for children, for security etc... its is very sad..

  3. Oh, that is terrible.. How can they believe violence and physical abuse can solve anything. Very relevant post- unfortunately. Great write up!

    1. Its such a common sight in certain homes and in some schools eliz...really unfortunate, especially for children it impacts them so much...

  4. And the kids think that when they are hit they should hit back. I try to show them otherwise...

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

    1. the logic here is might is right, and it continuous through out their lives... ..


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