July 24, 2013


Today I am inspired by huge trees with a very big trunk; they look very old, as old as the university itself. 

I kept looking at these trees, which is so pleasant and a treat to the eyes, the green leaves spreading out beautifully, the blank trunk well grounded, displaying strength.

These trees are telling me to be grounded like them, to stand tall, to be steady in my life. 

I feel the touch of the divine, for they are appreciating me for having the courage to withstand the stress and the pressures of life.

I looked at the way its branches were spread across, where the birds sat and a few vehicles were parked in the shade, and I also noticed young scholars sitting and spending time with their friends, sharing lunch & snacks, some waiting – and I felt as if the branches were reminding me to branch out and be of service to those who need my help, to welcome different kinds of people who are looking for a shade, waiting for a resting place for a break, and continue their journey.

I have fallen in love with these trees, which is not only beautiful to look at, but has housed the birds and the bees. Trees have always inspired me; it takes me back to my childhood days, where I spent time playing caroms with my neighbourhood friends. 

 I remember also some very big trees that had roots hanging by, and I recall how as children we used to catch hold of those roots to hang on them and swing with joy.

One of our favourite trees was the tamarind tree, wherein I used to collect the raw tamarind, and add chilli powder and salt and make chutney and eat it with hot rice.  

The sight of trees refreshes me and triggers joy and thankfulness!

Blessed are those who have sowed the seeds, so that we may enjoy its fruits; for my heart thanks these good souls and pushes me to sow seeds of kindness for others to enjoy its fruits. 

It’s my time to give back, to return to the earth, what I had enjoyed all these years.

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.  Kahlil Gibran”

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