July 22, 2013


Today the weather is lovely, it’s been drizzling, cold and I don’t really feel like coming out of the house, some hot snacks,a mug of coffee and a book is a great combination to stay indoors. But it’s a working day for all of us, my daughter needs to reach her school, my husband to his office, my niece to the college and I need to reach my workplace.

Despite the temptation, I came to the office and was happy to be working today – as I did my work, two big windows are open closer to my desk, and I get up in between to take breaks and see through the windows – a beautiful scene that makes brought me immense happiness.

I am surrounded by huge trees, the place is full of greenery and I saw a chameleon on the tree changing its colors – it was on a lighter shade, and as it climbed up a branch, it turned completely green – I stood near the window watching it closely as it kept moving, I have never seen such a sight, except as a child and so  I urged my colleague to see what I was observing, and tried to take a photograph,  but could not capture. 

The whole picture was so beautiful, with rain drops falling on our window pane, cool breeze touching me, the quietness of my centre, and the sound of the rain  brought so much pleasure to me, that  it  filled me  with awe and wonder at the creation.  

Be Happy !


  1. Very true. We just need to have a positive outlook and everything looks beautiful. Glad that you enjoyed your day at work with some mesmerizing and amazing sights. I have seen chameleon changing its colours too and it is always a Wow! feeling! :)

    1. Thanks shilpa for stopping by and so nice to hear from you, its been difficult for me to be consistent in writing, I am making an attempt to write on a regular basis. You are an inspiration, and thanks for your comments !!!

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