March 19, 2013

Hope for Anxious Persons ….

I just completed reading a book “Perfectly Panic Free by Mike Karowski. “  I must confess that this was a very good book, and contains a lot of information, and is very useful for anybody who has issues related to anxiety and fear, and for those who work as psychological counselors.

I am glad to have won this E book, and I must thank Corinne Rodrigues, & Mike Karowski who is the author of this book Perfectly Panic Free book for choosing me to be the winner. 

This book has 7 chapters and every chapter is written in a simple and ordinary language that is easy to understand. I am attracted to this book as it contains a lot of important information on Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders.  This is helpful to me as a psychological counselor working in a university, wherein I come across so many students who struggle with this problem.

The common reasons for developing fear and anxiety are that, most of our students who come here to study are from very remote villages, and they speak only Telugu.  They come from small colleges in their hometown.  When they reach the University, they are expected to understand English, which is the medium of instruction.

These students find it challenging, and added to this is that they have to accommodate themselves in the city hostels, and also compete with the city students.  This creates a lot of problem to the students who find difficult to adjust to the new environment.

Some students manage to deal with this issue in few sittings at our centre, as we also link them to the existing resources in the campus wherein they can learn yoga, meditation, and take up some games like basket ball, cricket, swimming etc and find support from friends and classmates.

My concern is for those students who struggle with this issue, and they do not want to take any psychiatric help. They feel terrible about this problem; do not want anybody to know about this issue, especially their families, and they come to us, hoping to get some relief.

Even though I do address their issues, help them to deal with it, and build their self esteem. I am still open for learning, and I am glad that this book was a perfect gift to me and our centre, Sahayam, a free counseling centre that deals with simple, general psychological issues of staff and students.

Perfectly Panic Free is written in a very systematic way, the whole issue of understanding Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders was very enlightening to me, and I could connect with my own experiences of students, who come with anxiety and fear. 

Every chapter in this book is beautifully summarized, stating the cause in a scientific manner, and motivating the person to take steps to address it in the early stages of identification, and also highlighting the treatment options available for the person.  This book also explored various alternative treatments for anxiety, panic attacks and panic disorder.

Some of the treatments mentioned are already promoted in the campus.  We have a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist on our panel, and those students who take on medication come to us for support service which is free for them.

I am inspired by your story, and appreciate the workbook which you have added towards the end of the book, I found it very handy especially self hypnosis, food therapy, vitamins in food, diversion therapy (which we recommend) & laughter therapy. Most of the things mentioned we promote to our students except we have not explored homeopathy & aromatherapy.

I also felt motivated to find so many popular personalities with anxiety disorder who have lived successfully, and some of them still famous and living vibrant life.I strongly recommend this book for all the persons, who are sufferings from anxiety and anxiety disorders and also for persons working in helping position.

My heartfelt thanks to Mike Karowski & Corinne Rodrigues    - I assure you that we shall make the best use of the information available in the book so that many more students can find hope for their fear and anxiety.  

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Be Blessed & Be Happy !



  1. I knew you'd be able to use the book, Janet. So glad you liked it. ♥


  2. Thanks corinne ! I kept this copy safe for reference.

    In the last few weeks, there were two students who had come in for fear and anxiety - and this book was handy for me.

    Thanks again !


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