February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Friends!

Today I want to thank especially my friends for the gift of friendship and for the love, care and support they have always offered me, in my journey, and helping me remain happy, grateful and healthy. I say this with courage and confidence because there have been so many instances in my life, if not for my friends, I would have been in a very different person doing a routine job.

Thanks to my friends, for because of them I complete two years today in Sahayam, psychological counseling centre for the students, at Osmania University, Hyderabad.  I am happy grateful to be in this place. Surprisingly I seemed to have become confident and passionate and convinced of my purpose on this universe.  

I think of the day I walked in this centre, so unsure of myself, completely broken and shattered not knowing what to do in life, as  it was exactly 45 days after the death of my son Emmanuel. I was called to join in this place as a counselor to the students.

I wondered if I could be of any use, as  I was grieving and depressed. I spoke to my friends, and found them kind and encouraging, they helped me find hope and gently supported me, while I took the decision to work in a psychological counseling centre, reluctantly I took it up as my friends believed in me and felt that I could do this work.

Sometimes it is better to borrow faith, hope and courage from our friends, till we are able to withstand and face the challenges of life, everything is sure of changing, and we shall regain faith, hope and courage, once again to continue our journey in life.

True enough, I accepted help from my friends and took up this service at the university, which provided me with opportunity to listen to the problems of the students, interact with them and helped them to find their own solutions.  I realized I was getting better, and gradually gained control over myself, found alternatives to fight my own depressive thoughts, explored options to cope with the loss of my child. Today I work with passion and am happy and grateful to be of service. 

Be Blessed & Be happy !

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