January 1, 2013

Second Death Anniversary of my Hero !

Goodnight Our Hero
© Juli Round

To be brave is to cry
But still to fight on,
And that's what you did
Our hero, our son.

The battle was hard
We thought we had won,
But still you fought on
Our hero, our son.

The happiness you brought
To the lives you have touched,
Will live on forever
As you are loved so much.

When we close our eyes we can see you,
When we whisper your name we can hear you,
And when we reach with our hearts we can touch you.

Goodnight our hero, our son, our Emmu,
You are just a child
But you have died a man.

Source: www.FamilyFriendPoems.com 

Thinking of my son ! on this day with great love,  and thanking God for all that he was to us.  This card was specially designed by my daughter Dorothy today.

With gratitude & love from all of us !


  1. Beautiful, Janet and so appropriate for Emmanuel. He was truly a hero - and continues to do his good work as he lives with the Father.

  2. Thanks corinne !I am glad for this hero of mine, he still lives in me...reminding constantly of what love is all about..


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