September 7, 2012

Surprises !

Life is full of surprises, and I feel privileged and welcomed, whenever I find surprises in my life, one of the very interesting things that I noticed very recently was the way I surprised myself. 

I just gave up riding and started walking, all the work that I did using the bike earlier, now I do by taking a walk everywhere, be it post office, bank, my workplace, to pick my daughter from the bus stop, buying vegetables – everything that I want to do, I accomplish using my feet, and have stopped using the wheels. 

The benefits I found are: I have lost a little weight, I am more active, happier, relaxed and sleep well and more than all these, have stopped taking additional burdens in my life which is a bigger relief, as having a bike means more time and sometimes everybody around thinks it’s so easy to get more things done having a bike and unconsciously I end up taking up additional burdens in the name of kindness and generosity of family, extended families and sometimes even friends. 

There is a feeling of happiness to know that I am able to accomplish so much in my life because of the bike – but I had also realized that I have been taking up too many things in my life that has left me tired and stressed. With one simple decision I have empowered myself to focus on what I want to do. So now I have enough time, and I respond to what is important in my life.

In the last few weeks, I have been busy reaching my deadlines at workplace, completing my assignments, helped my sister in law (which means staying with her at the hospital at nights, while she delivered a baby girl, and looking after the little child till she is discharged from the hospital).

I am also happy to have taken a few individual counseling sessions with the students, and offered my time to give orientations on stress management in few colleges..  Some of the things I found  difficult was to check mails, updates on the face book and blog, which I want to do, and for this I need to reorganize myself  and work on managing my time.

When I look back, I was surprised to find myself doing everything that I loved to do and have learnt to relax even when I found that I have not accomplished some things that I want to.  I am grateful and happy for what is happening, and for what is not happening, for I know that I am being led for a particular purpose and I keep walking with faith, hope and gratitude!

The most amazing surprise for today is to celebrate my daughter’s 11th birthday, who is truly my motivation and blessing!  I Thank the Lord almighty for blessing me with this bundle Joy and for the privileged and honor he has given me to be her mother. 

 So a few lines to my lovely daughter Maria Dorothy:

Having a daughter means …  seeing a thousand rainbows every day, a thousand occasions of sweet hurray, a thousand sweet dreams every night, and a thousand reasons to laugh and smile” Happy Birthday to you Maria Dorothy, our angel ! Today is so important to everyone who knows you and who loves the amazing person you are. On your birthday and always, you’re wished everything wonderful!

 A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous...full of beauty and forever beautiful...loving and caring and truly amazing.
-- Deanna Beisser
 Be Happy !

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