September 28, 2012

Memories of Rakhi

 Maria Dorothy my daughter surprised me this time, when she carefully picked up a few friendship bands for her friends, and along with it picked up one Rakhi – which was a beautiful one decorated with colorful flowers and was made of satin thread.
 (Rakhi is a colorful thread which is tied by the sister to her brother on the wrist on the Raksha Bandhan day – a day that speaks of love between brother and sister. This is a common festival in India.)

I quietly watched her buy as she kept telling me that these were for her special friends.  I nodded for I found these are small joys of a child, so I helped her with whatever she wanted to purchase. She was very happy for the choices she made and happily kept it carefully in her bag.

I wondered who will she gave that special Rakhi to?  I tried to find out, and made my guesses of her friends. She refused to tell me, and kept me in suspense saying that it was for somebody very special in her life.

I stopped asking her, and thought she must have bought that beautiful Rakhi for her cousin.  I forgot everything and got busy with my usual routine work of dusting, clearing the clutter and cleaning all the rooms, I moved from one room to another at home and suddenly saw something shining at my son’s photograph.

I went closer, and found a beautiful Rakhi placed near the photograph. I was pleasantly surprised. Dorothy had not forgotten to tie a Rakhi to her brother Emmanuel.

She has been missing him, but did not express anything to me. But in her own sweet way, expressed her love for Emmanuel. I had no words for what I saw for I could not believe my eyes.

I stood there staring at the Rakhi, for it brought some memorable moments of my son Emmanuel. I recalled how he used to extend his hands with a smile, along with his cousin and Dorothy would tie the Rakhi to him. David would give her a small gift on behalf of Emmanuel.

I moved quickly from that place to continue my work . I did not want to dwell for too long on what has gone in the past.  I was slightly disturbed and felt unhappy with the thought that my son is no more.

I looked at the lovely Rakhi which Dorothy has placed, and suddenly felt he was very close to our hearts, he was very much present in our lives, even though it appears he is gone.  Tears were rolling , I  quickly wiped them, lest my daughter will notice me and I did not want to cry in front of her.  I picked up the duster and with a smile continued my work, believing Emmanuel is present very much in our hearts and in our home.

"Cherish all of your memories for they are the experiences that moulded you." Author: Jill Davis

 Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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