May 26, 2012

Thinking of My Mother

Today, while I was making chapattis for breakfast, my thoughts led me to my mother’s kitchen, how she made the breakfast, she was a very good cook, and an expert in making tasty dishes.  She loved to cook and serve, she would put her heart mind and soul in whatever she cooked, and the kind of energy she passed on is unforgettable.  

I have never found her tired of cooking and serving, it looked like it was a hobby for her, something that she enjoyed, and whoever visited home will have to taste what she makes, and she just needed few minutes to serve.

The thoughts about my mother made me very happy and I felt energized, that I too must learn how to make even the simplest ordinary meal into an extraordinary one.  I found she was very passionate about serving delicious meal, and in the process did her very best and it showed in the way food was served.  

Food was always on time, there was never a lack, despite so many children (nine of us) with two grandmothers – my mom’s mother, and her sister. My mother had the capacity to cook for so many and she had the perseverance to do it cheerfully.

Even when we all grew up, lived on our own, she would still love to cook try her hand on new recipes in the kitchen, I loved what my mother made, whenever I visited her even after my marriage, I would enjoy whatever she made. She would wait eagerly for me, knowing that I would come, and make some very interesting dishes, and she would even pack for me to carry back to my place.

There were times, she would make puri, chicken curry and cutlets and travel all the way to meet me at my place. There was something special in every dish she made, and I found that not only delicious, but also felt her deep love for me. She would never forget birthdays and anniversaries – as she loved celebrations! 

Today her thoughts energizes me, and I am happy to do my work with pleasant memories in my mind, I complete making chapattis, and continue with my routine, to go for a swim and reach my office on time…..  I journey in gratitude!  With this fitting quote that says “A recipe has no soul.  You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller.

Be Happy !


  1. Janet - What a lovely post. I remember how hospitable your Mom was and how quickly she would rustle up a snack when I visited. She was warm and had a lovely smile that went along with a twinkle in her eye! ♥

  2. Wow aunty nice thought, watevr u do do it whlheartedly with love and affection........ I sometimes wonder wat is the basic thing that one needs to live a hapy life n at the end of the day i get just one answer and that is unconditional love,coz thats the only thing ( i feel ) makes us do our best to evry1 around us. Would practice this thruout aunty.... God bls u.....have a blessed n fun filled weekend

  3. What a lovely and loving tribute.

  4. Thanks corinne!she was so much on my mind, I felt compelled to write. Thanks for your kind words, appreciate you always !

  5. Niky, its nice to hear from you, you have grown so mature and beautiful, I am so happy to hear these words from you, hope your mom is fine, convey my love to her and thanks for your comments !

  6. Thanks for stopping by Galen Pearl, appreciate your comments, I am inspired by you !


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