May 28, 2012

The Privilege of Being Alive!

Today I had a good time in the swimming pool. As my daughter had cold, I did not bring her for practice so it was just me, and myself swimming away.  I loved the very touch of water on my body, and I am thrilled to float and swim from one end to another end of the pool.  There is no stress, no pressure, no comparison, no competition with anybody, but just being me in the pool. 

There is a feeling of joy, a feeling of happiness that comes when you bend and put your head in the deep waters and gently rise, kicking your legs, your body moves forward, you are just led by the waters and every part of your being is activated and I forget everything in those 45 minutes to 1 hour, savoring those special moments with myself.  

I do not think about my family, neither my work, nor any other commitments – I simply experience the coolness of the waters.  Being summer the swimming pool is full and I am surrounded with lots of women and children, there is so much noise, crying of small children learning to swim. 

The voice of the coach shouting and whistling, forbidding learners to keep to only 4 feet water, and there I hear giggles and laughter of young girls having fun in the pool.

It does not affect me at all, there is only silence within my heart, the joy of moving around in the pool brings in peace and appreciation for life, the very privilege to have been alive today and every day, for the privilege that I can see, hear, smell, feel, smile and laugh.  I am happy and I feel privileged.

I swim backwards  I look  at the  vast  blue sky extended so wide that I cannot trace its beginning and its end,  the tall green  beautiful trees surrounding  the pool adds to the freshness of the breeze, making the pool cool , I am filled with awe and admiration and  I feel  part of everything there.  I feel appreciation for myself – for the very privilege to have been alive every day! 

We can all be happy and experience the sense of privilege, when we become aware of ourselves, and all that we have in our life’s 

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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