February 22, 2012

Yoga & Meditation for Health

I began this year 2012 with learning meditation, from the Art of Living Group, and have been happy practicing sudharshan kriya, technique that teaches us to breathe correctly, with a combination of yoga and meditation.  Since, then I have been thinking of learning Yoga, as I learnt a few of the exercises that are very useful and relaxing.  

I started looking around for a teacher, who can teach me – since I work at the university, I thought, I must find something closer to my place of work and accordingly schedule my time either in the early hour or evening hours.

I also desired that once I learn, I must encourage Dorothy my daughter and David my husband to learn as I found it helpful for me, for it has kept me healthy.  While I gave up looking for it, and started walking every day, thinking when I find the place, I will join.  

Meanwhile, my son’s special educator came home one day, and left a pamphlet with us, that stated that there is a 10 day course on Yoga and meditation at a community hall where I live, just 10 minutes away from my residence.  He invited us and encouraged my husband to come for this programme. 

I saw this as an opportunity for myself, so I spoke to David and we decided to join the course.  Unfortunately the timing was not convenient for David; hence he suggested me and Dorothy to attend this progamme, so we enrolled ourselves and joined this class for ten days.

The programme was in telugu, and the session was theory & practice, the Guruji taught us some physical exercises which has to be in coordination with our breath, and he also taught us to meditate, how to choose food, what to eat, and after fifth day, he put us on a fiber diet for dinner.

Wherein every day after our practice we were given a diet, which consists of fresh fruits, sprouts, nuts, mixed vegetables and curd, and most of the things were raw, on the first day, Dorothy found it difficult and she did not want eat, and left some of it for me to eat. 

She enjoyed the exercises, but was finding difficult to sit through the discourse. Some how she managed to attend, and the  next day I gave her  a small plate to serve herself, so that she could take less, and little by little she started enjoying the dinner.

I was wondering whether we would be able to complete the 10 day course, but since the desire was strong, we managed and completed the course. On the last day we were given a drink, that had a lot of herbs in it, this drink completely cleansed our body, and made us feel light and good.

I am thankful to my husband, who allowed me and Dorothy to attend this programme, and most the time came to pick us up as it was closing around 9p.m. every day.

When I look back, I am so happy, because the information that I was searching for, came right inside my house, and fulfilled my desire of not only learning Yoga, but also providing space for my daughter and motivation for my husband to make some small changes in our lives.

"A grateful person trusts enough to give life another chance, to stay open for surprises."
                   Brother David Steindal-Rast

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