February 16, 2012

Story of a Rock

This is a short story from a guru who is a yoga teacher, when some students were complaining of aches and pain; he wanted the students to learn the value of being persistent in learning the art and also disciplining themselves. This is what he said, once upon a time there was an architect who was passionate about sculpting, and he used to make lovely images on the rocks, working day and night cutting, chiseling, shaping it up and giving the final touches till he was satisfied.

So as he walked towards a mountain, he found plenty of rocks, he was fascinated and inspired to do something, he looked at a rock, and was inspired to bring something beautiful out of this rock, so he took it aside and started working on it, cutting, chiseling, shaping and trying to make an image of a diety, while he did that the rock could not withstand the work of his hands, it was breaking up and was not shaping up the way the architect wanted to.

So he left that rock unfinished, and moved to another rock, and started all over again, cutting, chiseling and shaping it up, and to his amazement he found a beautiful sculptor that emerged from his work – a fine deity.   While he left, there were some people passing by the mountain, and they were impressed with the beautiful deity which the architect has made, so they made a small shelter and started worshiping , bowing down, soon it became popular place for people to come, sing songs, adored the deity with flowers, burn incense and  worship.  

 Some people wanted to break coconuts, hence, they found the rock which was left aside, and pushed it in front of the deity and started breaking coconuts on this rejected rock.The rock that was rejected saw the deity and told, both of us are rocks, how is that you are adored by flowers, incense and I am hit & beaten everyday by people who break coconuts on me. 

The deity rock replied it’s because I allowed by self to be cut, chiseled, hammered & shaped day in and day out, that today I am being honored.

What a beautiful insight, the more we allow newer experiences in our lives to cut, chisel and shape us, the more beautiful and honored we become.

This little story left me thinking on what are the excuses I make in my life? & what am I afraid to explore in order to become what I am created for… …  Today I am daring to think differently, and take small steps: to exercise more,   to improve my eating habits, to be kind to myself, to stop judging people, and be  persistent in my efforts  for newer experiences of life !

Be Blessed & Be Happy!
  This picture  is from free images available on the net - I am grateful to the author.

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