January 20, 2012

Lessons in Life

I sit with my daughter in the evening hours, every day to help her in studies, I generally look through all her books, and see if the teacher has given any home work to do, then encourage her to take one subject at a time, look for the questions and then help her find answers to every question in her book.

Sometimes I find the teacher gives them a test after teaching the lesson, and I prepare her for the test. While this is something which is very common, that has been happening in schools ….. yet in our lives the story is very different, we are constantly challenged to learn the lessons in our own time, and when we refuse to learn, we are provided enough opportunities in our lives till we learn our lessons, the lessons could be on anything – I had many lessons in life, wherein I had learnt to persevere, learnt to accept, learnt to forgive, learnt to love and still learning….. there is so much more to …keep learning, it might take a whole life time.

There is a nice saying by an unknown author, which says “In school you get the lesson and then take the test …. In life you take the test and then get the lesson”
How true, every problem we face in our lives is really an opportunity for growth, an invitation to look beyond and recognize a bigger picture of ourselves and our lives; it is this picture that brings meaning to what is unfolding. 

I am still in the process of learning, to shift my perspective, asking myself, “What am I being given opportunity to learn from this situation?  And I find most of the time the answer is related to improving my own quality of life, sometimes its is sense of gratitude, at times I experience inner freedom, at other times its compassion and at another time its acceptance of a relationship. 

Today I want to be thankful for all my problems in life, which I had experienced, reflecting back, I am filled with gratitude for every challenge I faced, for all those challenges has enhanced my quality of life – I am a better person today and I find that awareness of the lesson is all that I need to solve any problem – awareness also provides us with courage and enables us to look for various options/ways to work through our problems.

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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