January 22, 2012

A Great Dad !

Today 23 January, 1997 my father expired, and   its almost 14 years, now, as I look back,  I have some very fond memories of  what my dad was, for truly he was a provider for his family, I found my dad to be a hard working person, for him work was worship, and some of the things I could never forget was his commitment to family prayer, my dad was very particular about saying the family rosary every day.

He had tremendous faith in God, and trusted in God's providence, no doubt he was able to raise nine children, ensured that all of us went to school, I never forget the “Mondays” which was his weekly off, when he used to go to the market to buy vegetables and fill the bags with seasonal fruits for all us – we as children used to run towards him to carry the bags and the fruits which he carried on his cycle.

My dad loved good food, and my mom was very good cook, every Sunday and Monday was special in our home - as dad enjoyed the meal prepared at home.  My dad was a staunch catholic and believed in the saints, and said special prayer for the saints on different days of the week. He loved to read the Bible, and while he retired from work – he spent time talking to people about his faith experiences, as to how he was saved twice in this life, only by good will of his friends and prayers, once he was bitten by a snake and survived, at another time he became so sick, and was healed.

Today, I remember him with gratitude, and thank him for being a great Dad!  
A real father, responsible, trustworthy.
And a great role model.
I’ve learned a lot of good things from watching you ! Thanks for Being You !


  1. A person's goodness is a treasure for the future life and thats what you have inherited from your father - loving memories. Hope he heard what you have in your heart for him and blessed you from above.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, I do believe that people who leave the earth, do not leave us totally, they continue to be apart of us, and I still feel my dad is part of my life, and I am happy to have beautiful memories of him, thanks for your comments !


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