December 24, 2011

A Thank you letter for a Special Doctor

Today I express my thankfulness to Emmanuel’s doctor – Dr Ramesh Karra Reddy, a pediatrician who has been taking care of Emmanuel for almost 5 years, the best thing of this doctor is that he loved Emmanuel and was always kind, and even refused to charge for him, he had a soft corner for down syndrome children, and he has regular down syndrome children coming to him for treatment at his clinic.

Dear Doctor,

I am so happy that you were my son’s doctor, for my son Emmanuel was very comfortable and always felt at home at your clinic.  You were very kind to us and we appreciate you for understanding our child and provided him with the best of treatment.   

We never felt the need for another doctor in the last five years of our son’s life.  Myself and my husband David  felt always welcomed at your clinic, and we could easily manage simple problems our child like cold, cough, congestion or any other problem, you were  always there for us at your  clinic, despite the fact that your clinic was always full, filled with small babies and kids, who come to you for treatment.

Emmanuel was always given preference in your clinic, and we were  very happy to have a doctor just close by to my house, who was not only a medical doctor, but a person who loved kids, and trained his staff in the clinic to orient mothers on immunization, hygiene, and systematically maintained a diary for each child. 

Dr Ramesh, I want to thank you for being available for consultations throughout Emmanuel’s treatment, both at your clinic and also at the hospital; where Emmanuel was admitted, thanks  for your visits in the evening hours to find out his progress – I knew that you were the best doctor for Emmanuel as you  never suggested hospitalization, when not required.  So I could manage Emmanuel very well at home for the last 5 years.

Thank you for inspiring me with your word, when I visited your clinic after Emmanuel’s death, to get  a summary from you.  I can never forget what you spoke to me, even though   I was completely off balance, and could not handle myself, and found difficult to control my tears, your words were empowering me, and still rings in my ears till today. I recall your words as follows:

 “ Angela, I am very sorry to hear about Emmanuel, I have no words to comfort you, still I want you to know that, you have done your best, and I have tried my best and it is very unfortunate that he could not survive, but let me tell you, that in my experience as a doctor, I have seen parents who do a lot for their children, as they are sure, that one day their children will be achievers in life, who will make them proud as doctors/engineers etc  carry on their names, but  I have  seen very few  parents who can do so much for  a special child,  you have chosen to do the most difficult thing, you are surely blessed,  I have only done my  part – if you require any further help, you are most welcome to my clinic”

Your words made a lot of difference to my mind, and gave me strength to carry on and still empowers me. Thank you for all that you did for my child! I shall always remember you with gratitude in my life!

 Be Blessed & Be Happy !


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    1. Thanks for your comments, am glad you liked it, i have not thought about part 2..

  2. I was tempted to read this today when I saw your post on Smile, Angela. What incredible courage and pain you have gone through. I have no words. May God bless your family with everything good.

  3. Thanks Shailaja ! nice to connect with you here ! truly appreciate your comments, hope to be in touch !

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