December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas !

Christmas has always been a special for me from childhood, and I have always celebrated, this is my most favourite festival, and there is a kind of thrill and joy in this season - last year my son Emmanuel was very sick on Christmas and I was sad on a Christmas day, which never happened in my life! 

Today when I recall, I have a mixed feeling, I do not know whether I am mourning or celebrating - but one thing does not change in my life that is being grateful for today! That’s enough for me to keep moving, and wishing all you my friends a happy Christmas and also a blessed and meaningful year 2012 ahead!

Thanks for your presence, and for your special prayers, I am learning to interpret and find meaning in this celebration, for I know for sure, that there is a purpose for my existence, and I am in the process of becoming …..  these experiences are leading me towards a particular directions, and with trust and confidence, I continue responding my life’s challenges with gratitude !

Merry Christmas!

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