July 26, 2011

We get what we give!

I came across a very interesting old story of a monster who lived  in a small village, and the villagers were all terrified of him, and  they felt their village was cursed to have such a creature living in their midst. Several men tried to fight the monster. One man attacked the monster with a sharp sword. 

The monster grabbed the sword and almost magically pulled out another sword, twice as large, twice as sharp and cut the man into half. Another time, a villager set off with a large wooden club to hit the monster. The monster responded by slamming the man with a wooden club, twice as large as the one that the villager had. On another occasion, a villager tried to set the monster on fire. But the monster opened his mouth and spewed huge flames – that roasted the poor man. 

Scared by these events the village folks gave up trying to fight the monster. They felt this was their lot, and they had to learn to live with it. And then one day a little boy said he would go and vanquish the monster. People were surprised, and despite their disbelief, went along to see the little boy take on the monster. 

As the boy looked up at the giant, the monster just flared his nostrils and glared back. The little boy then took out an apple and offered it to the monster. The monster grabbed it, held it to his mouth, and then thrust his clenched fist in front of the boy. Bang! As the fist slowly opened, the people were astonished to see two delicious apples there. Twice as red and twice as large as the apple that the boy had offered. 

The boy then took out a little earthen pot with some water and gave it to the monster. And the monster took that and responded by placing in front of the boy two urns made of gold, filled with delicious juice. The people were ecstatic. 

They suddenly realized that the monster was not a curse – but a boon to the village. The little boy smiled. And the giant just smiled back.  It is an old story, but it has something to tell us, most of us look at our problems like the way the villagers looked at the monster. 

We need to change the way we look at our own problems, we get back what we give.  That too twice as much! We get what we give! So today I resolve to change the way I see! And I know it will make a lot of difference in my life, be it in my family, I shall not wait for others to change; but I shall change first! At work I shall give my best, love my work and give it everything I have. I will look at the world in a fresh new way for I believe it a wonderful place to live! 

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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