July 26, 2011

We are all Evolving Persons

We are all evolving persons, we plan and set goals for our lives,  attempt many things in various aspects, sometimes we succeed, at other times we don’t, and we keep exploring wanting to find out ways by which we can address those issues that remain unresolved in life. So year after we make resolutions, and in the process we become what we wanted to, because we have made a decision in our lives.

A few years ago in a group session, we were asked to find answers for some very important questions on myself and my life: The purpose was to come up with a mission statement for myself.  I remember doing these exercises with great enthusiasm and recall the answers for the following:

 What do I want to Be?
What to do I want to Have?
What do I want to Do?

I identified my mission in life is to Be the Good News and give the Good news to those around me. The Good news was that, I believe that I am loved, forgiven and accepted unconditionally by God; hence I decide to love, forgive and accept every person in my life unconditionally.

Which was very difficult and challenging, as it demanded courage from my self, to accept persons as they are without making any corrections, to forgive them and continue to love them despite who they were.

Once I made this decision in my mind, over a period of time, I found gradually, everything fell in place, making it comfortable for me to understand, love, accept and forgive those around me, today I am happy about that decision, as it has helped me not only to come closer to persons, but also find that every person is good, and has something beautiful to offer to this world.

Another important aspect of my mission statement was what I want to Have  being single, I wanted to  get married, have children, and settle down, and own a home for myself,  its 11 years now that I am married, have two children and have settled down, and even bought a flat.

The third question was what I want to Do and I was clear that I wanted to reach out to people, and would like to spend my time in service. So I worked in the social sector with various issues, and found meaning in whatever programme I took up.

Today when I look back, I have to certain extent succeeded in getting what I want, but then that is not the end, today I have new goals set up, and have new plans, and I continue to evolve in understanding myself a little more, and moving on giving meaning to everything that’s happening in my life, finding the unique purpose of my existence.

So I am asking those same questions again, and I am sure, the answers will not be the same as it was few years ago, and I believe that I need to redefine my mission statement to make it more relevant to myself now.

"You are where you are today because you’ve chosen to be there." — Harry Browne

Be Happy !

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