July 8, 2011

The story of Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias a Spanish boy dreamt of becoming a football player, who with determination and hard work became a very good goal keeper, he was happy and felt that his dream to become what he wanted is coming true, as he was selected to play for his favorite club, and there were predictions that he would be one of the finest No 1 Goal keeper in Spain.  

The one fine day he goes out with his friends in a car, and suddenly meets with an car accident and finds himself in the hospital paralyzed from the waist.It was too much of a shock for this young man, but he did not give up, he was angry, sad and regretful of whatever has happened. 

To cope with his pain, he took up to writing songs and poems, feeling compassionate a nurse handed him over a guitar; soon Julio started strumming the guitar and started singing the songs he wrote.  After being bedridden for more than a year Julio dared to begin his life anew, takes on singing and enters the competition to become the winner.

He never played football again. But with a guitar in hand and a song on his lips, Julio Iglesias went on to become one of the top ten singers in the history of music, selling over 300 million albums. Can you imagine, if not for that accident, Julio would have just been another goal keeper in Spain.

This can happen to any of us, a problem, a setback or a failure often encounters us in our lives, and we think it’s the end of our lives, and keep thinking of it so much and so often, we are unable to see the other door openers. When one door shuts, another one opens. Failures are the stepping stones to success, there is nothing called failures, we must start looking at failures as learnings, every failure has something to teach us, if we are open and wise we will start thanking for these experiences, which has enabled us to become who we are today!

Never let your failure effects your self esteem, You are a STAR, with unique talents and capacities, believe in yourself, and believe in the God who believes in you.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

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