July 8, 2011

Right to Die

A few weeks ago I was watching a Hindi movie by name Guzaarish – it was a beautiful movie and dealt with a very sensitive topic “Euthanesia” – Right to Die.  I was very impressed with this movie as it brought out perceptions of various categories of people on issue of life and death.  Being a very prolife person myself, I believe the Life is God’s gift, and it is very precious, and we have no right to take our life, and I am very staunch when it comes to life and death matter.

This movie brought out another angle of looking at life – while the magician who is paralyzed and continues to suffer for too long, his pain unbearable, leaving him with a vegetable existence, asking for right to die was a choice he made about his life. 

I recall my son who was hospitalized for lung infection and was treated in the intensive care unit – his lungs were totally infected, and he was struggling to breathe, the doctors were giving him strong antibiotics which only added to the problem and prolonged his suffering, It was very clear that some of his vital organs stopped functioning, and his situation was getting from bad to worse, yet the doctors continue to treat him, as a medical professional they felt that they must try their best till the last moment.

This experience shook me, and for the first time in my life I really saw my son deciding to move away from us, choosing to leave the earth – and I saw my husband torn apart struggling to let go – I was dumb and speechless for I knew there was very little time left, and the best thing to do was to let go… leaving the choice to my son for I loved him too much to see him suffer.
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