July 27, 2011

A Note of Encouragement

Today I decided to write a note of encouragement to myself, as I really want to appreciate myself for the commitment and dedication I had shown towards myself.  This is note is an affirmation for myself for all that I have accomplished in the last 3 months.

Dear Janet,

I am calling you Janet because, that’s your pet name,  and  I love  to hear this name, as this name was given by your  mother, and she was the first  person in your  life  who  called you by that name,  later on the other family members and friends started calling that name.  

Today I want to appreciate you for the commitment you have shown for learning to swim, and its 3 months now and it looks like you have mastered the art of swimming, I loved the way you are beginning to relax in the deep waters and have been consistently practicing every day for the last 3 months, and you have managed to swim 100 meters to and fro which has been your desire. You need to be appreciated for your will power and perseverance in this matter.

Another important aspect has been your decision to joining the ultimate blog challenge for the month of July, 2011 and have been disciplining yourself to write, even though it has been a challenging task – of thinking, planning and ensuring that there is a post, and also making sure that it is posted at the face book group, also to visit other blogs and leave one or two comments – sometimes you have managed to read some new bloggers, other than the regular ones, have left the comments, at other times you have even forgotten to post on face book group, at times systems(computer/internet) were troubling you.

Whatever it is, despite all the challenges, you have managed to  write upto 26 posts, and there is 5 more post for the challenge to complete.   I am sure you will with determination and discipline will complete it,  I am proud of the way you have been handling yourself – at home, at work place, and this month,  you were also busy with the trainings, keep it up ! Don’t give up! All the very best to you!

Great work! 

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