July 27, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

I was attending training on helping skills, wherein the first session of this training was focused on adolescents, characteristics and adjustment issues, where in the resource person was explaining about what happens during this stage, and how important this transitional phase is where physical and mental development occurs.  While I was listening to this, my thoughts wandered and I found myself thinking about my own development as an adolescent.

 – as for me, this was most difficult phase in my life, and I can never forget the problems I faced as a young girl, one of the challenge was I found it very difficult to accept my own sexuality as  girl/women because along with physical and mental development, this phase brought in other issues like I was not allowed to cycle, and I was gaining weight, and the  dresses where getting tight, and so I was advised to wear and full length dress, and every movement of mine was monitored, my mother was extra careful while I went out, and ensured that I returned before sun set, I had to make a choice with whom I played, I was encouraged to play with girls of my age, so I moved away from playing with boys. 

All these restrictions and Don’ts in my life angered me, and I cursed myself for being born a girl and was always upset and angry.  It took a lot of time for me to accept myself as I am, I needed to be affirmed, loved, appreciated and reminded that I am precious and valuable and I have a purpose here on this earth.

I thank God for the gift of faith, which made me cling to God, and for my friends who shared their faith experience with me, and inspired me to move on, and taught me to love, forgive and accept myself, as I am, and for the first time I began to understand that my mom was the product of her time, and so she did what she thought was best for me, and gradually I began to love myself, and the my journey continued with hope when I met many more young girls, who were also struggling like me, and I realized I am not alone in my life, for I have the company of so many young adolescents who are also facing hardships in their developmental stage, and I found in many ways I am lucky and feel grateful to God for leading me towards myself in becoming a proactive person.

My experience has made me compassionate, humane and sensitive towards young adolescents, and I am naturally drawn towards them, for I believe that if I had not experienced difficulties, I would not be drawn to young people, especially girls. 

“What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”. Oscar Wilde

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing !

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