July 13, 2011

My Precious Gift

Today my daughter came home very happy from  school, and I asked her what is it that she is so excited about today, she told me with all eagerness, that from now on, they have a library period and they are given permission to borrow books from the library, and she was so happy to have visited the library, and was very eager to borrow books, so she went and found out from her senior class girl what is the procedure and after taking all the information, she is now is waiting to borrow the book, as they have library period once a week.  

While I watched her excitement and the eagerness on wanting to borrow books, I remembered how I used to borrow books from the library, and enjoyed reading, initially I used to just read magazines, and would read a lot of short stories, as I thought it is very difficult to read a novel, gradually I shifted reading magazines to novels and from there on I started exploring self help books, and then I never turned back in my life, books became such a pleasure, that I started enjoying the company of books, so I made it a point to read one book a month, and some the books were so good, that I did not feel like  returning  those books in the library, I did not keep it as it belong to the library, but I started purchasing those books, to have a copy for myself, to read and reread till I felt satisfied.

Reading a book was like almost living with the author, and I used to wait for opportunity to share with my friends about the book I was reading, to a large extent I am influenced by books and great authors, who have taught me to live life meaningfully, and much more live with gratitude. I feel so much privileged to have encountered beautiful authors who challenged my thinking, and helped me to take a honest look at who am I and what am I meant to be doing here on this earth.   Some of the authors helped me in bringing in certain changes in my thinking and behaviour that today I am happy to live my life at my own terms. 

Books have made me responsible, and have shaped my life and has empowered me – the passion I had initially about books had come down due to various happenings in life, and working on the internet there is so much information available, so I read some inspiring blogs, sometimes some good stuff on health, finance and personal growth, and have not taken a book to read. 

Today when my daughter came with her zeal and enthusiasm about reading a book – I am renewed, and I want to take up and come back again to reading books again.  I am also feeling grateful for a beautiful process that has begun  in my daughter’s life, she has started reading at a young age, and I am praying and hoping that she too be enlightened and empowered through books, and may she find her purpose in this earth.

I have a collection of books, from my favorite authors, and I dream of having a study room for myself, for I would leave these books for my daughter, for books are precious gifts, and I hope to leave it behind for my daughter. 
 “Next to acquiring Good Friends, the Best acquisition is that of Good Books” 
Charles Caleb Colton

 Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. Books are a BIG item in our home too! We have 14 book cases (some very large) plus several boxes in the basement and attic filled with them).

  2. Angela, I love your passion for books! That quote at the end by Charles Colton is the best too. I'm similar when it comes to my love for books and reading. Recently, I had to switch to Kindle LOL since I have too many books in my collection and surprisingly, I love the e-reader. I'm able to buy even more books now! :) So great too that your daughter loves to read!

  3. Oh, Genevive - you've just spoken to my heart.

    Reading - books - the printed word, have been so important in my life. I LOVE how you describe their importance to you and how you've come to value reading/books.

    One of my greatest desires was to make sure my kids both loved to read. I've been blessed - they both love books. We're a family of readers.

    Thank you for sharing. (you've brought tears to my eyes)

  4. What a lovely idea to leave your books for your daughter.

  5. Nice to hear that, thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thank you friends for your affirmations and your support, I am motivated to read and blog too, thanks again !


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