July 1, 2011

Lessons from Swimming

Swimming has brought in a new lease of life in me, the last two months of practicing every day has made me an expert to swim in the deep waters.   The experience has been very positive and enjoyable one, and I surprised myself to swim across nonstop, to dive in the deep waters and also to float backwards, and enjoy back stroke.  

Swimming has also energized me, and makes me feel vibrant and enthusiastic, while I kept listening to the coach, and observing some the seniors who were swimming in deep waters, and tried to understand the art of swimming, I learnt the following, as I reflected upon, I felt the similar things could be applied to make our lives happy &  meaningful .

As long as you keep holding the rod, you will not move on, you need to leave the rod and take a risk and start attempting to swim; Letting go, as long as I hold on to my past, be it hurts, wounds, sad and negative experiences, I will not be able to live life fully!

Desire is the most important aspect, the more you desire to swim, the faster you will learn to swim: Desire is the key for anything you want to achieve, as long as you have the desire, you will be lead to reach your goal.

While swimming, you need to be completely relaxed, thus allowing the water to lift you up and you just start floating:  Live in the present, while we move on in life, it’s important that we enjoy every moment and are relaxed so that we learn to enjoy the journey, and not miss things that matters the most.

The trick to float in the water is to keep the body straight, as long as your body is straight you will be able to float on water, the moment you bend your body you drown. Be Focussed in life, in order to achieve what we desire and dream of , it’s very important to be focused.

While diving bend look at your toes and jump in the water, love the water and you will be so happy to see yourself come up, and gradually move on..  If we apply the same things in our lives: it will work wonders: Love your work, and you will be so happy to see yourself enjoying your work, as the saying goes, Love what you do and do what you love, you will not have to work for a single day.

One very important challenge for me has been the fear of swimming in deep waters, initially it was very frightening, but as I kept my focus and listened to coach who was willing to walk with me while I swam, I started developing confidence, to know that there is someone just beside you to rescue gave me courage: 

Whenever I am frightened, I affirm myself in the following way:

I am not alone, there is Divine hand leading me;

I am Divinely Guided and Guarded;

Divine love surrounds me, enfolds me and enwraps me; and I go forth in peace! 

I reinforce and state to myself, to Believe in the God who Believes in me.

I trust the process of life in me to bring me my greatest good. 

All is well in my world!

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