May 4, 2011

"If it is to be, it is up to me!"

I came across an article of a unique funeral held in an office in New York some years ago? As employees of the firm came in to work on Monday morning, they were greeted by a solemn notice at the entrance: "The person responsible for inhibiting your growth died yesterday. The body has been placed in the cafeteria, till 2 pm today." 

Sad to think a colleague had passed away, and curious who the person might be, the employees trooped into the cafeteria to pay their last respects. A crowd of company staff had gathered inside. 'Who is this chap who has been hindering our growth?' each wondered, as they walked up to the coffin to see. One by one, as each person took a look inside the coffin, there was shocked silence - and a look of disbelief. 

Inside the coffin was a mirror. And below it was a placard on which was written: "There's only one person who can set limits to your growth. And that's YOU." Now that's a message we would all do well to remember.
So true, it is so easy to blame everybody and everything in our lives, for things to change in our life we don't need to change others, situations, we only need to change ourselves.  The power to change our lives and chart our future lies within each of us. 

Resist the temptation to blame others for your plight. When you blame other people, you take away your inherent power to change. You weaken yourself. But by taking responsibility, you empower yourself to change your fortunes. And that one act - taking responsibility for yourself - is really what separates winners from losers. Tell yourself the magic phrase: "If it is to be, it is up to me!" Just say it to yourself, believe in it, and see the difference. 

Be Happy!  

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