April 23, 2011


This week has been very painful for me, for I missed my son so much as he alive last year for all the services, I enjoyed taking both my kids to the church services on all these days, I could not help but cry, as it brought to my mind beautiful memories of my son who used to sit quietly on my lap enjoying the music and watching everything that’s happening, around him. Yesterday as we participated in the way of the cross service at the church.

I felt the absence of my son, and I began to feel the pain that was so intense and deep, tears rolled down by cheeks as I accompanied in journey of the way of the cross, while I got involved in the prayers  I felt I was not alone in my life suffering,  as I came to a place where Mary’s eyes met Jesus carrying cross, I was struck by Mary, who handled it so beautifully well, bearing the pain of her son, and watching him suffer silently, it definitely must have been a terrible experience, but she continued her journey with faith and courage.  

This season I remember all those who are suffering and experiencing pain in their lives and pray specially that they be given grace and strength not only to accept their suffering but find meaning in their lives to continue their journey with faith, hope and courage. Here is an inspiration for all of us:  I received nothing that I wanted, but everything I needed:

·         I asked for strength, God gave me difficulties to make me strong.
·         I asked for wisdom, God gave me problems to solve
·         I asked for courage God gave me dangers to overcome
·         I asked for love, God gave me troubled people to help
·         I asked for favours, God gave me opportunities.

“God’s promises are like the stars, the darker the night the brighter they shine”. David Nicholas.
Happy Easter !

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