March 23, 2011

Today is yours Seize it

This is an extract from Dr Peale’s books wherein he motivates the readers to be positive thinkers to get positive results. Read on and be motivated to be a positive thinker, as I reinforce this for myself..

Positive thinkers get positive results because they appreciate the inestimable value of a day, this day, not the next day, but this day and every day. Today offers at least sixteen waking hours that may be crammed full of opportunity, joy, excitement, achievement. 

The positive thinker knows that today was made for him/her and he/she makes it a marvelous creative experience.  The positive thinker’s optimistic attitude towards today and every successful day strongly tends to make every day a great day. It becomes what he/she visualizes it to be.

Today is yours. You must seize it because it is fleeting, only twenty-four hours that are soon gone by. If you live to be eighty years of age, you will have only 29,200 days. Each of them, therefore, is a precious fragment of a gift called time, your time. It only make sense to use every day well, today is yours. Use it well. Today is yours Seize it.

Be happy!

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