March 21, 2011

Reading - My Passion

Reading was always my passion, I loved to read, and spent a lot of my time in reading, and enjoyed sharing what I read with my friends, one of the authors who has been my all time favorite was Dr Norman Vincent Peale – I have read a lot of his books on positive thinking, positive living and why some positive thinkers get powerful results, this author always fascinated me, and has shaped my mind to a large extent to always be positive in my thinking.

Today while I was sorting and settling some of old books, I came across Dr Norman Vincent Peale’ s book “Why some Positive thinkers get Powerful Results” it’s a very old book which I purchased almost 30 years ago, and flipping through it I found that I had underlined the affirmation which was given to a women who was a negative thinker and even wanted to kill herself, Dr Peale had responded to her with this affirmation, and asked her to practice everyday to get these belief thoughts working and it did impact her.

Today I recall with love and am grateful for this author for influencing my thinking especially at a time when I had very low self esteem, and very shy and not really happy being myself, had no belief in myself, and this affirmation came in at the right time enabling me to be a positive thinker. I remember writing the affirmation he suggested and practiced it all the time, I wrote it in my diary, on small cards, kept it in my bag all the time reminding myself which helped me to believe in myself, like myself and most of all kept me enthusiastic and happy. Even after so many years I am still inspired by this affirmation which reads as follows:

I like me

I like me, I believe in me
I was created by God who never made anything badly
His creation is wonderful
So I am wonderful
Divine perfection is within me
I love life. I love people.
I have ability. I can do things well.
I am happy. I am grateful.
I treat myself with respect.
As a child of God, I believe in me.

Be happy!

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