September 12, 2010

Life – is a Process of Becoming

Three months ago I purchased a cell phone, as I needed one, for me the purpose of the cell phone is very clear, I would like to be in touch with all those around me, and I use it only for communication, I do not really bother about all the features that are inbuilt, somehow it does not really fascinate me.

My daughter on the other hand is very curious and loves to handle anything she finds new, and I clearly instructed her that she must not be playing with my phone, last week I saw her exploring my cell, and she was so excited, to inform me that there is a provision in my cell to play games, to listen to music and also take photographs and make an album, and she explained to me, as to how to operate this small cell phone which had all these features.

I was angry first because she used my phone without asking me, but it was momentary, I refuse to react to my anger, but as I watched her excitement, my anger melted and I started smiling as I listened to the music in my own cell phone, that day I found out from my daughter all the features present in the cell phone.

While I was thinking my cell phone, a thought came to my mind, like the cell phone, each of us have so much in us– features that can lead us to greater heights, capacities that could empower us towards becoming who we were always meant to be, and the strength to handle so many situations, but we are unaware of all this, we need different kinds of persons in our lives to bring out the best in us.

Today I not only thank my daughter who taught me to explore the features in my own cell phone, but all those persons especially my family and  friends who have been kind to help me find myself, and still continue to do so, for which I am thankful and happy.

Be Happy!

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