September 18, 2010

Deconditioning our Minds

All of us being born in this world are subject to conditioning; conditioning is a phenomenon of thinking. Every form of conditioning can be reversed, meaning to say that it can be changed by counter thinking.  Thinking and counter thinking are both well within the capacity of the mind.

I am happy to discover this aspect in my life. The gurus who taught me the vipassana meditation, used to always tell me, that it is very important to decondition our minds, and bring mind to a state of calmness, at that time I only understood it as being aware and observant.

When I started exploring in my own life, I understood, I too have conditioned my mind in so many ways, that it became very difficult for me to think anew, to take risk and to look for options beyond.  

One example that comes to my mind is the concept of money. I could not think of money beyond my regular salary, hence suffered from fixed income mentality, which made difficult for money to flow into my life freely. It also blocked me from trying and exploring for new options of earning money.

It bound me from within, made me a prisoner, dependent and always in need of money, when I analyzed this carefully, I realized, I needed to decondition my mind.

I started thinking in a new way and change my concept of money in my life, so I started working on my thoughts for that is the easiest thing to do, for thoughts create the power and influences our thinking in a whole new way. I am grateful to Louise Hay the author of the book, “You can Heal Your Life” who also shares about bringing in change by practicing mind conditioners, I had learnt a lot from her book.

I started telling my self that money is easiest thing that comes in my life, and I release the fixed income mentality, and money flows into my life freely, endless and copiously. I now use it for the good of myself and good of others. Things started changing in my life and money is always there for all my expenses.


Take a comfortable position, and relax,
Let your whole body be in a relaxed position
Be aware of your breath; take a few deep breaths to be completely calm
Now repeat the following to yourself

  • I release the fixed income mentality
  • I am now open and receptive to new avenues of income in my life
  • I now receive my good from expected and unexpected sources
  • I am open and receptive to all the good and the abundance in the universe
 Keep doing this every day, and whenever you are free, this will definitely alter your thought patterns.

An important thing to remember is to never bring to your mind any form of negative thoughts on money as this will blocks the process of deconditioning. (Ex. Money is bad, money is evil, it is the root of all problems etc)

We can try this on any aspect of life, whether, health, peace, harmony, and create our own mind conditioners, and it works.

Be happy !


  1. Angela, This was very insightful. And true as well. I do a lot of these.. they're called positive affirmations. And they work! Atleast they set your mind to become thankful and more receptive to all the good that the universe has to offer. Regds, Punam

  2. Very true punam, you are right, thanks for your comments.


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