June 15, 2009

Who you are speaks loudly...

One day I took my two children, Maria and Emmanuel to Infant exhibition in the city, walking up to the ticket counter, I asked, “How much does the ticket cost?”
The lady behind the counter replied, “Rs 50 for you and for children above five years. Children under five years are allowed inside free of cost. What is the age of your children?” I replied “one is 5 years old and another is 6 years old, so I needed two tickets – and I paid the money.

The lady behind the counter replied, do not worry, you can carry your son, he does not look 5 years old, and save one ticket money, nobody would know.
I said thanks for your suggestion, nobody would know, but my children will surely know that I am lying. I don’t want to teach them to lie.”

Every day in our lives, we have plenty of opportunities to choose, these are small incidents, but it has great impact, on the lives of children, many a time we forget that our children our observing us, and interpreting our actions as right or wrong. We may save some money for the time being, but may not save our children from picking up values that leads to dishonesty. I am all the time challenged by situations and children to set a good example to those who I live and work with. I am happy that I am able to make choices that makes a difference in the lives of people.

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