May 12, 2009

My Mother

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When I think of my mother, there are so many things that come to my mind, my memories are fresh as to how she brought us up, I have never seen my mother giving up easily, she was full of life, enthusiasm and quite busy – she found time for everything in life, she managed the house work with no helper, at the same time delegating responsibilities to all of us at home, each of us had one task to do, and she loved cooking, and cooked very well, never wasted food, and always invented some new dish even if there was nothing much at home.

She was a very devout catholic, she was very particular about saying prayers, and will never miss a Sunday mass, she was part of the Legion Mary society, wherein she will go for the meetings every Saturday at the church. She was very particular about her looks, and used to dress well.

She was found in all the functions both at the church and in our family circles, be it marriage, christening, birthday, funeral any function, when invited my mother used to be very particular to attend these functions. She was also very courageous and had great faith in God. Even though she did not go to high school, she read the bible, and walked with faith.

As a mother of two kids, I am able to see the value of whatever she did, to enable us, and empower us in our lives, another name for my mother is hospitality, my mom was very generous and hospitable, and she enjoyed meeting guests at home, and would always be willing to entertain, and provide them a positive experience, we had guests who used to come and stay with our family, our cousins, relatives, and my father’s relatives – who used to enjoy my mom’s cooking, share their problems with her, and return back only to come back again for the next trip.

Even though she was raised up in a small family of two members, she and her brother, she embraced a large family, and committed herself to be a loyal wife, a generous and a loving mother, who stood by us at all times, and believed in the goodness of God, and trusted her children completely, and shared everything, till the end. Of her life.

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On Mother’s day- I recall my mother and thank her for all that she has been to me, I have sweet memories of my mom, we have gone to movies together, and I use to accompany her for all the social functions, and when I was expecting my babies, we used to pray the rosary together, she used to keep me updated with all the information with regard to our family and our relatives, my mom was a great companion and a teacher, and I really miss her in my life.

She continues to live in my life, as I had imbibed some of her qualities, of hospitality, generosity, faith in God, Sense of humor, and living a life of gratitude. Thank you Amma, I know you are listening to me.

I would like to wish all my friends, who are mothers and all the beautiful women of my life, who have all the motherly qualities, and who have inspired me in life, and continue to make a difference - a Very happy Mother's Day with lots of love:) :)

Be Happy,
G Angela

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