May 4, 2021

Gratitude Post - April  2021

“It is only with Gratitude Life Becomes Rich” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

April came in with reminders in my mail box to participate in the A-Z challenge. I would have loved participating but this year with my academic commitments I did not want to pressurize myself. I am glad for the choice I made as I could smoothly carry on my routine without additional work. I have been regular to my centre and students have been coming for counseling, a few of them old ones and some new ones were referrals to our centre… I was quite busy managing work at the centre and at the same time managing my home.

Due to COVID on rise I preferred to attend the important services virtually of the Lent season, except the Easter morning mass. For the Easter day I wanted tom make it for the early morning mass along with my nephew’s family could make it for a 6.30 a.m mass and we went out for breakfast to a nearby restaurant,  it was a  good time together with the kids and my sister in laws and all of us together enjoying what we felt like eating, for all of us women its one work less at in the kitchen on a festival day and enough of time for preparing lunch.

Dorothy was busy with the online classes and assignments, this year she was active in the church participating in the youth activities wherein she took part in the passion play and sang in the choir for the mass which was live recorded as there were  restrictions from the church for the gathering… only those involved were attending, for assisting the priests to record mass and services so that we could participate from home.

I am grateful that at least we could be connected virtually with people, joining the services – praying and singing together.  Even though I would have loved to be in the church and meet people physically and interact. Nevertheless in the given scenario I am thankful for every opportunity that I get to interact online and have be connected with friends. Technology is a blessing at the moment as we are not totally cut away from our loved ones – and it’s also helpful to me to reach out to my students through tele counseling

The spike in the COVID cases in our state of Telengana once again bound us at home towards the end of the month… I am grateful for all those people who have been kind and helpful to me, especially our professors who were generous and willing to guide me in my academics. It’s a blessing to be surrounded with people who are warm, friendly and helpful.

I am happy for the long distance calls in this month and the long chats with a couple of friends who are sweet enough to check on my health and our situation in Hyderabad. This month I decided to go for health check up and I am glad all well by God’s grace with some minor changes that I need to make in my life.

I was disturbed that a colleague of mine, our field staffs from the YWCA of Secunderabad and my in charge along with her aged mother were found Covid positive. What I found interesting was that this year there was less fear and I saw my nephew positive and could recover within 10 days – so there was hope and so we could reach out to those who were worried and assure them that there are treatment available and no need to visit the hospital unless it is a necessity. Thankfully I saw most of them recovering in the span of 10 – 14 days of quarantine and taking care of fever and boosting their immunity with vitamins and following all the COVID protocols.

There were so many people surrounded and found COVID positive, including our immediate neighbours.  David had severe cough and I had cold cough, Dorothy too was feeling unwell and were getting worried;  to clear the doubt all 3 of us went for COVID test to rule out if there are any issues.  We went to the government run testing centres and there was a huge crowd, we were there for almost 3 hours in the Q and took the test, we found all of us negative – we thanked the Lord and continued to take precautions.

This there were two birthdays my nephew Ezekiel and David, we had a small family gathering. I felt like giving a surprise lunch in advance…so I browsed for a restaurant which was quiet with less people around and we could be away from the crowd.  There was a new one just 2 kms from my place and we went there for lunch; it was a beautiful place, great ambiance and we found only two small families having their lunch. Grateful for the opportunity that as a family we could sit and enjoy spicy food.

David had plenty of friends wishing him on his birthday – only a couple of them came home to wish him. We attended thanksgiving mass at Sacred Heart Church in the early hours and my brother’s family invited us for breakfast that day; I am grateful that I have people in my life who are thoughtful and generous, we enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast well spread out with puri, mince meat, wada and pineapple cake that was cut. I am happy that there were people who were willing to cook, and help me in the kitchen and all the household work, it’s a blessings to have people who are there to assist, with no pressure of cooking and serving  and enough and more  food to eat as well as share with extended family and friends.

I am happy and blessed that David has once again reopened the clinic in the community hall at our local area, and we have the doctor coming in every Sunday for few hours. There are regular patients who keep coming, and it’s a timely intervention wherein we can prevent people running to the hospital for cold, cough, fever… in the current situation the hospitals are full, with no beds, and more than infections the fears and anxiety was causing more problems. With our Doctor good in diagnosis, he was able to help all those who came to the clinic and also counsel them not to panic but help them understand that COVID is treatable at home with precautions and everyone need not require hospitalization.

At the end of the month I was feeling lost with the news of deaths and infections around; I have delayed in making a post – I feel its important despite whatever the situation to be able to look at positive side and believe that things will get better and we must never give up…. But still do our bit and to the extent we can,  in reaching out to as many as we can in whatever possible ways.

We continue to pray every day for all those affected by this pandemic and hope that we will be able to sail through trusting the Lord and keeping the right attitude…we are moving into welcoming May 2021!

I would love to hear from you; and pray that you are safe and healthy !


  1. April was a busy month for me too. I somehow managed to complete the A to Z Challenge.
    Hard times like these are also occasions for gratitude, when people reach out to one another with their helping hands.
    We will ride this out.
    Prayers for everyone who is going through a difficult time.
    Take care and be safe.
    My latest post: Pandemic facts and emotions

    1. Nice to know that you completed the A-Z challenge despite the hard times; agree that these are the times we need to stand by one another to be able sail through and sure we will come out of this. Thanks for the kind words, my prayers for you and your family, and yes to all of those who need strength and courage to cope with this pandemic. Be blessed to be a blessing for all.


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