April 30, 2016

Z –Zoom

I have chosen 26 Tips for a Happy Married Life as my theme for A-Z April challenge, 2016. Today the word is Zoom

Today is the last day of the challenge and I chose the word Zoom. When I think of this word the object that comes to my mind is the camera. I am familiar with this word when I hear Zoom lenses. Zoom it and you will get clarity, a close up short you can capture clearly the face or the person.

I was looking at Google and found the meaning of zoom as move or travel quickly/rapidly forward. I am using this word to my post; as I find this word appropriate to close the challenge, as already mentioned in my posts the challenges of marital commitments. 

Google images

Marriage sometimes appears a mystery to me; we meet so many persons in our life; and out of so many we are attracted or rather destined to meet one and settle down. It’s strange how life brings two complete strangers in miraculous way and makes them commit to each other, in a way one would never imagine. I remember a prayer that says; I never got what I asked for, but I got everything I hoped for, and for which I am grateful to God.

It looked like it was already destined that we meet and commit to a lifelong relationship. I owe a lot to my mother who helped me make this decision, while I was still unsure and insecure about this proposal of marriage. A late decision, but well thought out and taken in  faith and prayers of my mother. Today I am happy to be in this relationship and have no regrets to whatever has been the past experience. 
As we move along together; we know that there will be moments when we would want to give up on the person, and it does not take much time to make a quick decision and move on….. I feel it’s at these difficult times; we need to zoom to happy moments and find joy of living together. If we have created memories and moments its so easy to zoom in those moments and relive and refresh our memories.

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Today is also a special day in our lives; David celebrates his birthday today and it’s a time to appreciate and express my love and gratitude for being a great companion, a loving father to my kids and very committed brother to his only sister and above all very compassionate person to his mother. So today is a day to celebrate and be grateful to God for the gift of David to us and pray for strength and good health of mind and body.

I am also glad that I am able to complete this challenge; I thank all of you who have visited my blog and commented, some who have read and may be unable to comment. I tried my best to keep to my theme for the challenge…  

These 26 days was truly a great month, so much of inspiration in large doses and I could not visit as many blogs as I wanted to; but yes I did try as much as I could and enjoyed reading a variety of subjects.  I am feeling happy that I have grown a little more knowledgeable because of you my bloggers. It’s truly a blessing to be surrounded with so much of positivity for a whole month and feel content, happy and energized. I hope to stay in touch and catch up with a whole list of bloggers who have done wonderfully well in sharing their knowledge.

I have also reflected about my own journey while thinking and writing bout marital life; I began to think that I should have had the title “A-Z experiences in Marital life “J instead of tips… anyways its all part of learning and I am happy to have learnt so much in this month. I thank the organizers and the team for the effort they have taken to  ensure that we have the scheduled banners and badges and a lot more of work that has been done. Thank you one and all, 
May the Lord Bless you in abundance !!
Be Blessed & Be Happy!!


  1. Happy birthday to David Genevive! Hope you all have a lovely day together and that David has zillions more!
    Your message is spot on - so easy to want to give up when things look difficult. At times like this it is important to zoom in to the happier times ..
    Well done for completing the A-Z!!! Time to breathe ... it's been such a pleasure reading your posts thank you!

    1. Thanks Susan, yes I did have a lovely time with our family and close friends of mine and David. The next day being Sunday we could rest a little and catch up with all the pending works, so that we are ready to begin our Monday. I shall take a small break now and breathe.... am sure you you need a good break too, after all your travel and adventures :) Thanks for staying in touch and hope to stay connected..

  2. Yes this AtoZ challenge was a great month of inspiration and knowledge. Congratulations for completing the challenge. A very happy birthday to him from me as well :) Have a lovely weekend ahead :)

    1. Thanks Shesha, its nice to hear and yes ! we did have a great time celebrating with loved ones around, is always fun and its a blessing too. thanks for your comment, and congrats to you too for accomplishing the challenge... hope to visit your post soon :)

  3. Sounds like you are very happy in your marriage :) I hope your hubby had a great birthday!

    1. Yes :) am glad to stay in this relationship and I ensure that there is a celebration, thank you for stopping by.


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