August 24, 2015

My Gratitude List for this 4th week of August, 2015

I grateful to few friends, who keep in touch constantly either on cell phone, whatsapp and Gmail; At the end of the day I feel tired of everything I accomplish at workplace, specially when I have more than two students for counseling, its draining and by the time I reach home, my energy level is low; I find happiness in having friends who are understanding and open to listen. It’s also a great relief to know that you are heard and understood.
I am grateful for my colleague Cynthia who has just returned from US after attending a conference; and brought some yummy chocolates; a sleek pen, my favourite colour lipstick, key chain and a beautiful looking hand fan. These are small little things, but much more than all this is the thoughtfulness which I appreciate.  
I am blessed and glad to interact with her today; as she took me on a  virtual tour along with her; sharing all the beautiful  experiences of the conference and the lovely places she visited beginning from Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Manhattan and New York. I was impressed to hear about these places and touched by her faith in God in accomplishing every dream of hers.
I am happy to have an old friend for lunch at home; and enjoyed preparing my favorite dish sambar (the tamilian style dal) and tried making chicken with spinach, which was an experiment for me; and enjoyed by my friend and my daughter.
I am happy  hear about  David’s experiences in the meditation centre, all the learning he had and the decisions he has taken to bring some changes in his life style to keep himself healthy and active.
I am thankful for the interaction with the parent teachers meeting at my daughters school; I was happy about her progress, there was no major complain or worry and almost all the teachers gave a positive affirmations, with a little feedback to score a little more high in the subjects. So far she has fared well in all the subjects, and I am content that she is able to do it on her own with minimum help from my end.
I was happy to visit my brother Francis and his family; after the school visit, which is on my way back home; it’s always been my pleasure to spend time with this family; where I feel so much at home and comfortable to interact with my sister in law; my nephew Sunny, his wife Theresa and two little kids Nathan and Tabitha who study in the same school along with my daughter. Me and Dorothy had special lunch, and played with these kids for some time and returned home in gratitude.
The next day being 4th Sunday; we got busy with the prayer service organized by David at St Cecilia‘s church in the local parish. We were there for a full day in the church participating in the services, which was followed up by lunch.
I am grateful for effort and time Dorothy took to sit with her books; in preparing for the formative assessment from this week

Be Happy!


  1. This is such an encouraging post - thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Laurel, its always a pleasure to connect with you; as I also get to read so many other posts on gratitude to keep the energy level constant. appreciate you

  2. You're most welcome, Angela!!

    1. Nice to connect with you here Cynthia, for a moment I was wondering who is this unknown person; and then I guessed that it is you. thanks for everything. have a nice weekend.

  3. What a inspiring list. Loved it.

    1. Thanks Parul, I am glad you liked my post, appreciate you for being here..


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